David Cameron Promises New Covenant With Armed Forces

Gordon Brown lies to Chilcot and then goes to Afghanistan to use the troops as a backdrop to his lies

One of the most sickening aspects of Gordon Brown’s Labour regime was the shameful treatment of our armed forces and the breaking of the military covenant.

Brown and the rest of his politburo under funded the armed forces, cut defence spending in real terms for 4 years and used a an orchestrated campaign of lies and smears to tarnish anyone who dared speak out about the lack of funding. No one was immune to the campaign of smears and lies, General Officers, commanding officers and the families of serving officers were all the target of hate campaigns run by “Bolloks Bob” Ainsworth and his semi-literate side sidekick Bill Bramell.

A new low even for any Labour government and lets face it there have been some monumental Labour failures when dealing with our armed forces, all the way from the Wilson government failing the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders in Crater to present day Afghanistan. Labour like all good apologetic socialists has always been more concerned with caring for the enemy, at the expense of our own soldiers lives and well being.

It is good news that David Cameron is doing so much to undo the damage of the New Labour experiment and high on the list is the rebuilding of the military covenant.

Addressing troops at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan, the Prime Minister said that Britain should once again “revere” service personnel and announced a £58 million increase in payments for those on front line.

Speaking in shirtsleeves during a dust-storm, Mr Cameron told more than 300 service personnel that he wanted to see “a new atmosphere in our country, where we back and revere and support our Armed Forces.”

Take note Gordon Brown and Labour, backing and support for our armed forces, not a campaign, of lies which at it’s lowest point had Labour activists pretending to the be the parents of serving soldiers who were all writing home to say how they were awash with equipment and did not want for anything. How a governemnt and it’s supporters could stoop so low is quite amazing, they have all have blood on their hands from Brown cutting the helicopter budget in 2004, to the people who lied about having loved ones on the front line.

A political party willing to sacrifice the lives of the countrys armed forces to protect the political reputations of it’s third rate political leaders is a political party the Britain could well do with out, surely this is reason enough to hold lamp post and piano wire parties with Gordon Brown, Ainsworth and Bramell leading the neck dancing.

But as there is no justice the slimy scum suking parasites will continue as usual untouched by the damage they have caused to countless families and lives.

“During the first and second world wars and during the Falklands, war, there was real support in our country for the military. We want to put you front and centre in our national life again,” he said.

He was cheered when he confirmed that the Coalition Government will double the payments made to troops serving in Afghanistan, raising the “operational allowance” for a six-month tour to around £5,280.

The payments will be backdated to May 6, the day of the general election, at a cost of £58 million a year, met from the Ministry of Defence’s core budget.

“You always say ‘I was just doing my job’. But I’ve got to tell you, most people couldn’t do your job. I couldn’t do your job,” he said. “We are incredibly proud that you do your job.”

The Government will now update the Military Covenant, the formal contract between the country and the forces, to commit the Government to improving conditions for the Armed Forces and their families.

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