First Gordon Brown Now Barack Obama

Obama like his defeated socialist counterpart Gordon Brown has a bunker mentality

One of the most striking similarities between the former regime of Gordon Brown in Britain and the current regime of Barack Obama in the USA is the bunker mentality displayed by both men in times of crisis, for times of crisis read when they don’t get their own way.

Last year while Obama was still riding high on a wave of Liberal bullshit, Obama said Gordon Browns regime had the smell of death about it. Now times have changed and Obama has more than the smell of death about his regime.

The Obama White House is in full bunker mode.

Don’t believe me? Here’s the definition of “bunker mentality from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary of Allusions:

In politics, a “bunker mentality” is an embattled frame of mind, often accompanied by an aggrieved sense of being unfairly under attack. The term is most often applied to American Presidents who suffer political reverses and assume a surly, defensive posture – all critics are enemies; if you’re not for us you’re against us; etc.

Sound familiar? Replace American Presidents with Gordon Brown and you have one of an endless number of stories about Brown in his bunker.

Unfortunately as the President was explaining that he was in total, constant, full-immersion control of all aspects of the oil spill, he had to admit he wasn’t at all clear about the circumstances surrounding the dismissal of the woman he had appointed to oversee the Minerals Management Service which had occurred shortly before the presser began.

A Gordon Brown and Glenys Kinnock moment.

Then, to show how really tough they are, the White House wrote a letter for the Federal on-scene coordinator, Rear Adm. James A. Watson, to sign which said: “BP shall provide the plans for these parallel, continuous, and contingency collection processes, including an implementation timeline, within 72 hours of receiving this letter.”

I was on John King’s CNN program the next evening and I asked, “Or what? What if BP comes back and says, ‘This is our plan. There’s no other plan.’ Then what?”

Which is what happened.

Obama like Gordon Brown will prove to be a major disaster for the US and like Brown Obama is a one term Leader.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. I have to admit to being taken in by the charm of Obama. How (thankfully) short lived it has proved to be. The man’s a 1st class idiot of the highest order. (Just like, as you say, Brown!!)

  2. Thankkfully, I wasn’t taken in by the USA’s version of Princess Tony…though (as noted) many were.
    I’ve heard stories of Whitehouse staff making ‘click’ noises (like a trigger being pulled) as he saunters past.

  3. @ Hugh Jend – there’s no “Princess Tony” comparison about it. Gordon BROWN was the failed leader, not Tony. Tony Blair WON three elections, and was NOT thrown out of office by the voters. Brown won no elections as leader.

    Brown was known as Macavity and the Invisible Man – all sorts of unattractive names describing his LACK of leadership. Blair always stood up and answered for his actions.

    I have not warmed to Obama yet, and I don’t think I ever will, to be blunt. But at least he didn’t stab a friend and colleague in the back to get his job, and then when he got it in such a dishonourable way, didn’t know what to do with it.

  4. @keeptonyblairforpm

    Blair is a narcissist just as Obama is – Blair did a good line in rhetoric just as Obama does and Blair stabbed nobody in the back just, as you say, like Obama didn’t. [not that we know of anyway ;-)]

    Had Blair survived until the recent election, he had already said that he would stand down after completing a full term, knowing full well that he couldn’t fool the people again and would get out in the nick of time, leaving the humiliation of defeat to Clunker Brownfinger.

    The difference in America is that it has taken a lot less time for the American people to wise up to Obama’s hubris than it did for the people of Britain to wise up to Blair’s.

    You are also right when you say that Obama is not like Brown/Macavity – when it comes to grabbing airtime and headlines, again Obama is just like….. Blair.

    “at least he didn’t stab a friend and colleague in the back to get his job, and then when he got it in such a dishonourable way, didn’t know what to do with it.”

    Quite right – once again you have confirmed the fact that Blair and Obama are undoubtedly the evil twins! Brown is just a moronic, communist bully with serious mental problems.

    I’m afraid you have only managed to tie yourself up in knots and contradicted your lines of reasoning all the way through you comment.

    • @Barking Spider,

      I suppose it’s par for the course, all this analysing and psychological pigeon-holing of those whom one either dislikes, envies or disagrees with.

      And of course the ultimate exit line in any lost argument, like yours, is to say that others are not being consistent in their arguments.

      Since I do not know personally any of the three politicians we are referring to I do not have the presumption to think I can provide a psychoanalysed print-out of their personalities and defects.

      You, of course can. Good for you. What do you charge per hour for your incomparable service?

      But before I attend your clinic, Mr Psychoanalyst, please confirm this:

      If I think your conclusions on my psychological condition are a touch barmy, or if I think you have added up 2 and 2 and got 5 (as in your last paragraphs above), can I have a refund?

      • Where did I mention your psychological condition? I did not, I merely stated what you had done in the above comment, tying yourself up in knots.

        You’re now doing that Left-wing thing of putting words in my mouth that I didn’t say and yet again you are making no sense whatsoever – I know how the Left work – full of twists, turns and contradictions to try and wriggle out of the corner they back themselves into and gain the upper hand.

        Well I’m afraid it doesn’t work with me, nor does any attack on my own mental health as would most likely be your next move – I’ve heard all the ploys from the Left-wing manual before, you see.

      • Are you barking, Barking? You didn;t mention my psychological condition. I did. it was in my jocular aside at your seeming to be some sort of self-selected psychoananlyst (ref Brown’s mental health.). You’ll have to understand subtleties and imagination if you want to compete on the internet. That’s what it’s all about, after all. Isn’t it?

        In fact I was not defending or confirming Brown’s state of mental health. I am not his doctor. A quarter of us get mental health issues in our lives, it seems. You of course, twisted what I was saying about Brown to confirm your opinion on his mental health condition. Your OPINION.You too are not his doctor, presumably.

        By implication, continuing along the transference track some use to justify their ignorance-based opinions, you seem to have concluded that I have tied myself up in knots. I have done nothing of the sort. Brown and cohorts worked to remove Blair not because Brown was insane or because Blair was wrong over policy, but because Brown wanted Blair’s job, as he had always done. Nothing else.

    • Added you to the blog roll, another Pat Condell fan!!!

  5. @keeptonyblairforpm

    The Left’s definition of “jocular” is at best extremely dubious – I’m still not laughing, just as David Laws didn’t laugh when he opened the “hilarious” note that Baldemort Byrne left waiting for him on his desk!

    Of course Brownfinger didn’t get the job because he was insane, he got it in despite being insane!

    “Are you barking, Barking?” ……..Is there an echo in here?

    You see, I knew you were going to say that, as I mentioned at the end of my previous comment!

    “You’ll have to understand subtleties and imagination if you want to compete on the internet.”

    What subtleties would you be talking about, then? Your own? I don’t see any! There’s no doubt, though, that you do have a vivid imagination!

    And I’m not competing with anyone although you obviously are..

    I’m no psychoanalyst nor did I ever claim to be – I’ve simply been around long enough to know all the Left-wing moves – the manual/script you’re using is very old and very tired and very boring – I’ve heard them all before.

    I won’t be coming back to this thread although I’m sure you’ll be back to have the last word – that’s the usual form with Lefties.

    Goodbye. 😉

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