Gordon Brown Only Allowed To Speak To Children Now

Since he was finally evicted from 10 Downing Street  Gordon Brown has largely dropped off the face of the planet.

Earlier this week came the chilling news that Sarah Brown could soon be writing a book about her time as the wife of the worst Prime Minister in British history

This could all be about to change as Gordon Brown had his first public engagement today at Beath High School in Cowdenbeath.

20 year four pupils were allowed to ask Brown questions, however adults were barred from asking questions reports Sky News

The last days of Browns regime were an interesting mix of the Führer bunker and North Korea personality cult politics, now post General Election defeat it looks like Brown will be protected from the real world and only allowed to speak to those whose future he screwed even before they were old enough to have a vote.

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  1. I hope he was wearing his straight-jacket.

  2. i met him today haha, infact a
    asked him some questions. the questions were chosen for us and witht he exception of 1 or 2 there were none on economy or his time in charge but more on current matters

  3. Don’t know if you caught this over at Guido’s place, TT, but it appears that our suspicions about the Gorgon were spot on……

    The rumour mill is in full swing this afternoon. There’s a whisper on the wind that some age-old speculation might soon finally be confirmed. Chatter is rife that Gordon Brown has been spending stints in the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. For psychological reasons.

    QED 😛

  4. “TT”?…. oops, sorry, I meant TA.

  5. If her tweets are anything to go by, can you imagine the saccarine outpourings of the totally airbrushed account of Gordon Brown’s reign? Sick making. Anyway, he said Sarah and he were going off to work free for charity when he quit as PM. What a bare faced lie!

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