Armed Forces Day June 26th 2010

The abject failure of the last Labour government to properly support our armed forces politically and financially is yet another stain on a 13 record of lies, dishonesty and failure.

Since the British Electorate overwhelmingly rejected Gordon Brown at last month’s General Election there has been a quantum leap in real and genuine support for our armed forces from David Cameron.

Writing in The Telegraph the Prime Minister has this to say:

The sun above was scorching: touching 40 degrees. The air was thick with dust. In my hand was an IED detector that I was sweeping over the ground, waiting for it to vibrate if it swept over a metal object buried just beneath the surface of the road.

This was at a training ground in Afghanistan a couple of weeks ago. It was a tense, absorbing experience – but at the same time it wasn’t real. These were not buried IEDs but buried car battery parts.

Standing on that dummy run I thought about how it would feel to go out day after day, in the heat, in heavy kit, watching your step, waiting for those vibrations, fearing an explosion. It’s at moments like that the bravery of our forces hits home hard.

David Cameron is probably the first politician since Winston Churchill and Harold MacMillan who, both had front line experience from WW1, to actually have an idea of daily life in a war zone and how sudden and violent death can come out of nowhere.

That is why Armed Forces Day is such a positive thing for our country. The Sunday Telegraph fought hard to mark this day on the calendar and I salute them for it. It gives all of us the chance to show our support – to veterans, to those serving in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world, to their families at home.

Hat tip to David Cameron for saying this.

We’re celebrating the courage of heroes in Afghanistan: people such as Flight Lieutenant Fortune, a Chinook pilot who was shot in the head but carried on because he had six casualties on his helicopter and he wanted to get the job done. Or Kate Nesbitt, a medical assistant, who ran across open fields under fire to reach a fallen comrade and to give vital life-saving treatment.

We’ve seen charities such as Help for Heroes set up, new awards ceremonies to recognise military courage, and the incredibly moving sight of the people of Wootton Bassett lining the streets to say goodbye to heroes they’d never met. But still I believe that we should do more. Full Story The Telegraph

David Cameron is entirely right, we should do more, a lot more.

Every night thousands of homeless ex-service people bed down on our streets, which is one hell of a reward for serving their country.

To see if there is an event for Armed Forces Day near you click here

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