Where Are They Now – Jacqui Smith The Redditch Saddleback

April 2009 and those movies are global news

One minute they are all over the papers and TV, the next minute they are gone without trace, its as if they never existed.

Who are these disappeared ones?

Politicians who lose their seats and then drop off the radar Jacqui Smith being one, another being Bill Brammel. Brammel in case you have forgotten was the slap head rock ape who stood in for Bollocks Bob Ainsworth when Labour lied about how they had failed the armed forces, or needed to smear the daughter of a serving General Officer.

Jacqui Smith started out as a child delivering Labour campaign leaflets, later becoming a Labour councillor, MP, Schools Minister and then Home Secretary, but she will be remembered as the fat troughing bitch who gorged to excess on public money and is married to a wanker who expected the public to pay for those same 2 hide the salami movies on 3 separate occasions.

A couple of weeks after the General Election where Smith was told by the voters of Redditch to “fuck off you fat sow”, Smith waddled into Al JeBeeb to spew a lot of bullshit about why she lost.

She also inadvertently claimed for two adult movies purchased by her husband, Richard Timney.

On the latter she holds her hands up for what she describes as a “monumental mistake” but she feels the spare-room story has been “misreported” and is frustrated by the “over the top” focus on her.

You can read the whole cartload of crap and platitudes here if you can be bothered.

The claiming of the porn movies on expenses was a global news story with Smiths husband being internationally recognised as a wanker.

So what of the future for the former Home Secretary?

A possible return to Parliament has been mentioned, although Aardvark has heard rumours that Smith has been offered a lucrative contract by Tate Modern to pose nude as a living art exhibit called “56lbs of chewed gum”. Latest info has it that this could be a rumour started by Harriet Harman who is outraged that her friends husband should watch films involving attractive women having sex, this is something far outside of Harman’s life experience model.

Life aint all bad for Smith as they say across the pond, she might be a water buffalo married to a tosser, but she still walked away with over £100,000 of our money tax free and if that’s not enough she has just been given another £32,383 as a resettlement grant.

Smith lost the election because of her expenses, why should she be getting even more money for losing her seat for being dishonest with her expenses in the first place?

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