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David Cameron Promises New Covenant With Armed Forces

Gordon Brown lies to Chilcot and then goes to Afghanistan to use the troops as a backdrop to his lies

One of the most sickening aspects of Gordon Brown’s Labour regime was the shameful treatment of our armed forces and the breaking of the military covenant.

Brown and the rest of his politburo under funded the armed forces, cut defence spending in real terms for 4 years and used a an orchestrated campaign of lies and smears to tarnish anyone who dared speak out about the lack of funding. No one was immune to the campaign of smears and lies, General Officers, commanding officers and the families of serving officers were all the target of hate campaigns run by “Bolloks Bob” Ainsworth and his semi-literate side sidekick Bill Bramell.

A new low even for any Labour government and lets face it there have been some monumental Labour failures when dealing with our armed forces, all the way from the Wilson government failing the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders in Crater to present day Afghanistan. Labour like all good apologetic socialists has always been more concerned with caring for the enemy, at the expense of our own soldiers lives and well being. Read the rest of this entry

The Guardian – Cut The Entire Defence Budget

The benchmark for appeasement and weakness Neville Chamberlain

There is an article in The Guardian by Simon Jenkins that suggests that the once in a generation cut should be the entire defence budget, which would of course mean there was £45 billion more that could be given away as “reparations” for the great Global Warming Swindle.

What is amazing in the infantile stupidity and naivety of the author in believing that Britain faces no threats from any other countries and that should a new threat arise we could react to it, after it has arisen; perhaps someone should bitch slap Jenkins with a dead fish and let him know that defence is pro-active not, reactive. Read the rest of this entry

British Jobs For British Workers The Cynicism And Lies Of Labour

Can anyone forget Gordon Browns “British Jobs For British Workers lie, Brown knew what he was saying was illegal under EU law.

What is worse is that when Brown and Ed Miliband were not sending British jobs overseas with their blind obedience to the Church of Climatology, they were dishing out work permits to 500,000 non EU economic migrants that could have been refused the permits in the first place.

Labour created 1.1 million jobs, gave 50% of them to immigrants so that they could continue with their plan of unfettered immigration and make Britain a multi-cultural and divided diverse society. What kind of Government makes 500,000 of it’s citizens unemployed to give the jobs to immigrants? Read the rest of this entry

The Villian Is Obama Not BP

The evidence is overwhelming. Any fair-minded person who examines the Gulf of Mexico oil spillage is compelled to two conclusions. First, that there is no evidence of wrongdoing by BP. Second, that the President of the United States has behaved disgracefully.

That paragrapgh was not written by a right wing journalist or blogger, but by one of the left leaning journos at the Independent.

So is the left wing liberal British Press starting to fall out of love with King Hussein?

From this article by Bruce Anderson it would appear that Obama is at last being seen for what he really is Read the rest of this entry

Barack Obamas Brother Refused Entry To The UK

This story goes back to April 2009 when Samson Obama was refused entry into the UK due to false documents which were spotted by UKBA. Subsequent finger print tests linked Barack Obamas half brother to a sex attack on girl in Berkshire. Samson Obama was questioned but not charged and then put on a connecting flight to the US.

There’s some rising buzz about Barack Obama’s brother Samson’s UK incident in 2009. The story is old, but is generating renewed interest.

According to BBC News, “A Home Office spokesman said Samson Obama was denied a visa after immigration officers noticed one of his documents was false. That led them to further inquiries.” Read the rest of this entry

New Labour Is Dead Says Peter Mandelson

Mandelson and Britains worst ever Prime Minister

New Labour died on May 6th 2010 says the Lord of Darkness writing in The Times, which is good news, so all that remains is to kill of Labour and the cancer that afflicted Britain for 13 years can never make a comeback.

Like all good socialists Mandelson is about to cash in on his years in and out of Government with a book titled The Third Man: Life At The Heart Of New Labour scheduled to be released before the orange war criminal Tony Blairs mighty tome The Journey.

The peer, twice forced to resign but who staged an astonishing political comeback two years ago, offers an early taste of an account that he says will be a “mixture of history, autobiography and emotion”.

He says that he regrets persuading Gordon Brown to stand aside in favour of Tony Blair in 1994. “If we had resolved the matter there and then, we would have avoided so much of the soap opera that followed.” Read the rest of this entry

Barack Hussein Obama Declares War On Britain

Obama was always going to be a dangerous and disasterous experiment for the USA, in much the same way that the New Labour experiment did so much long term damage to the economy and civil liberties in Britain.

All around the world the socialists and liberals cheered Obamas victory, he had barely been in office 30 seconds before he won a Nobel Peace Prize. If anyone reading this knows what he did for the Peace prize could you leave a comment and let Aardvark know.

Obamas honeymoon did not last long as the US electorate woke up to just what a monster they had elected. Obamas regime has followed much the same methods used in Britain by the regimes of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown: lies, smears, prodigious use of words ending in “ism” and “ist” and desire to supress free speech and discussion. Read the rest of this entry

Prescott U Turn On Peerage

After many statements over the years that he would never accept a peerage, everyone’s favourite bulimic philanderer is going to accept one so that he can save the planet, or is it he owes Mrs Prescott one for being caught playing hide the chipolata with Tracey Temple in 2006. Apparently Mrs Prescott would love to be a Lady.

There is something amusing and opportunistic about 2 Jags now being an eco warrior, Aardvark does not believe in Man Made Climate Change but as the saying goes when in Rome, so how can the man who needed two environmental holocausts as a minister have valid eco credentials by becoming a life peer. Read the rest of this entry