The scandal of homeless ex-service people is something that upsets Aardvark a lot, as regular readers of this blog will know, so it makes the blue anteater marginally happier, that yet another organsiation has sprung up to try and help with the problem

UK Homes 4 Heroes is a non-profit charity set up on the 23rd April 2010 to aid our ex service men & women, who have served this country and after leaving, find themselfs in a situation of being homeless for what ever reason, long council housing list’s and low banding
means that they could be classed homeless for a long period,

UK Homes 4 Heroes policy is to bridge the gap between being homeless and being housed. with short term accommodation that will be a clean safe environment , where they can start to re-build their lives and be treated to the respect that they deserve

Where they can start to re-build their lives and be treated to the respect that they deserve Too true and hat hip to the person who wrote that.

This is the story of Matt who served his country:

Like any other school boy Matt dreamed of being a soldier, at the age of 16.
he made his way to the army recruiting office in London and joined the British Army The 2nd Battalion Royal Green Jackets which in 2007 amalgamated in to the 4th battalion Rifles regiment based in Bullford Wiltshire
Matt was deployed to Basra city Iraq in April 2007 in August of the same Year at about 04.30 hours in Basra City. On the way back from operation
The enemy forces contacted the patrol with an explosive formed projectile (EFP) roadside bomb and small arms fire (ak47s)
The EFP ripped through the left side of the bulldog armoured vehicle
And through Matts shoulder, just missing his head and the shrapnel ripped in to his lower back which paralysed matts legs, his left shoulder was taken out, bullets was hitting the front of the vehicle, and with his adrenalin pumping he returned fire whist heavily injured, Matt was dragged I to the back of the vehicle by Sgt Scotty Martin and then treated by company medics who dealt with the wounds
Matt was flown back to UK and spent 2 months at Selyoak after a operations to mend
Matts injured body he was later transferred to Hadley Court
where thankfully the medical team put Matt on the road to recovery
But with pain still getting to him he was forced to put his papers in
and leave the Army he Loved in 2009
Matt received a £17.000 injury payment
( which some people get more from the council for tripping over a pavement)
he used the money to pay of the remainder
of he’s car, and spent some time in Thailand on a scuba diving instructors course
which he passed with flying colours
whilst out there Matt Paid over £2.000 of he’s own money having his injuries treated
Today Matt is in the UK and HOMELESS

Matt was told by his local council that he had no chance of being housed
because there was to many in front of him,
Its a disgrace that one of our Heroes could be treated like this
you can serve this Country but it cant house you
in a nutshell thats why we formed UK Homes 4 Heroes
to help the all the Matts of this Country

It is unbelievable that anyone who has been through what Matt has, could be treated in such way by the country he has given so much for. A disgrace? Certainly, a Betrayal would be more accurate.
Matts story is not unique it is a story repeated far too many times the length and breadth of the country.

Please take the time to visit the web site and see if there is anything you can do to help.

You can read about more homeless ex-service people here, here and here

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  1. Excellent post ‘vark!
    This never ceases to amaze me, and I will be heading over to the site now.

  2. You are right, this is absolutely terrible. The Labour treatment of our armed forces is a horrible blot on our history.

  3. Thanks for supporting the cause of the Homeless plight of our Boys & girls
    its a disgrace the way they are being treated, our troops can fight or lay down you life for this Country
    but this Country cannot or will not put a roof over their heads,
    with the support of the great British Public, UK Homes 4 Heroes could make that change.
    All the best of Cockney Luck from Pearlykingjim, Pearly King of Camberwell & Bermondsey

  4. Post from Miss Sam Guile

    UK Homes 4 Heroes is a fledgling Charity formed in the early part of 2010, the brain child of a veteran charity worker Mr Jimmy Jukes aka Pearly King Jim of Camberwell & Bermondsey.
    Jimmy met an ex serving Soldier Mr Matt MacColl and was blown away by his story and left feeling outraged that ex service Personnel could be left high and dry by our own society- the very people they strive day in and day out to protect.

    Ex Rifleman Matt Maccoll was serving in Iraq in 2007. Whilst driving an armoured vehicle through Basra, Matt came into contact with a roadside bomb, resulting in an immense amount of shrapnel to his shoulder, almost taking his arm off completely and wounds to his lower back, leaving doctors doubtful that he would ever walk again.
    Matt was immediately flown back to Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham. After months of rehabilitation, Matt regained his ability to walk and with surgery to replace his shattered shoulder, he began to overcome his injuries.

    When Matt felt that he could return to normal duties he went back to his company base only to find out that he could no longer perform as he once did. He no longer felt adequate to be an infantry soldier and was left with no other choice but to leave the army, the only home he had ever known

    Matt returned to London and visited his local council to register himself for housing. Only to be told that he was not seen as a “priority”… he was handed a list of hostels in the area and told that there was nothing more that could be done for him.
    Following advice from a homeless charity he marched back to the housing office and demanded somewhere to stay.

    From there on in Matt was given short stays in deplorable hostels, never knowing if he was going to be somewhere else the next day. From one hostel to the next there was a running theme, Drug addicts, alcoholics and ex offenders.

    When Pearly King Jim listened to Matt’s story he was left reeling and decided that something had to be done. Jimmy researched and found out that this is an on going problem with ex service personnel. He decided to found UK HOMES 4 HEROES.

    Our aim is to accommodate homeless ex service personnel in a safe and SUITABLE environment. Providing a clean, warm and nurturing place for them to stay while they wait for a permanent place to live.

    These men and women put they’re lives on the line, the highest price anyone could pay, to protect our way of life. when we are tucked up in bed, they are on the frontline dodging bullets, when we are sitting down to an evening meal with our family, they are opening up a ration pack, when we are going down the local for a few, they are on patrol.

    They sacrifice so much that is often taken for granted in normal civilian life.

    The least they can ask for is a home.

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