Parliament Was Misled Over Climategate Report

Labour MP Graham Stringer says Parliament was misled over Climategate Report

These are indeed strange times, the day has come when Aardvark is in agreement with a Labour MP!

It had to happen sooner or later,  and the one thing that transcends party politics is the great Anthropogenic Global Warming scam. The so called investigations into the goings on at the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia have either been a blatant whitewash or not asked the right questions and danced around the issue.

Then the there is the reinstatement of a scientist, Phil Jones, who made a policy of ignoring Freedom of Information Requests and had data deleted, all of which is supposed to restore public confidence in Climate Science Religion?

The Science and Public Policy Blog:

Parliament was misled and needs to re-examine the Climategate affair thoroughly after the failure of the Russell report, a leading backbench MP told us today.

“It’s not a whitewash, but it is inadequate,” is Labour MP Graham Stringer’s summary of the Russell inquiry report. Stringer is the only member of the House of Commons Select Committee on Science and Technology with scientific qualifications – he holds a PhD in Chemistry.

Not only did Russell fail to deal with the issues of malpractice raised in the emails, Stringer told us, but he confirmed the feeling that MPs had been misled by the University of East Anglia when conducting their own inquiry. Parliament only had time for a brief examination of the CRU files before the election, but made recommendations. This is a serious charge.

The big question is why was the UEA investigating itself? For an impartial finding of no wrong doing doubtless.

After the Select Committee heard oral evidence on March 1, MPs believed that Anglia had entrusted an examination of the science to a separate inquiry. Vice Chancellor of the University of East Anglia Edward Acton had told the committee that “I am hoping, later this week, to announce the chair of a panel to reassess the science and make sure there is nothing wrong.”[Hansard – Q129]] [1]

Ron Oxburgh’s inquiry eventually produced a short report clearing the participants. He did not reassess the science, and now says it was never in his remit. “The science was not the subject of our study,” he confirmed [2] in an email to Steve McIntyre of Climate Audit.

Earlier this week the former chair of the Science and Technology Committee, Phil Willis, now Lord Willis, said MPs had been amazed at the “sleight of hand”.

“Oxburgh didn’t go as far as I expected. The Oxburgh Report looks much more like a whitewash,” Graham Stringer told us.

Stringer says Anglia appointee Muir Russell (a civil servant and former Vice Chancellor of Glasgow University), failed in three significant areas.

There are more questions than ever about the IPCC 2007 report, and no amount of whitewash, smoke and mirrors, mea culpas will make them go away.

The big question is why with all the questions over the whole science of AGW has the Climate Change 2008 bill not been repealed?

The inhabitants of the planet Cleggron worship at the Church of Climatology which is why Dave and Little Nicky are in such a hurry to give £50 billion away every year, for the next 40 years, not save the money but cripple our economy with the only CO2 taxes in the world!

The question is why do they want to give this money, our money away, instead of spending it at home?

The real truth begind Capn n Trade and all these other Green Taxes is wealth redistribution, as has been admitted by King Husseins Science Czar John Holdren.

Obama is a socialist, Gordon Brown and Little Eddy Miliband are socialists, but isn’t Dave supposed to be a Conservative?

So the question remains why is a so called Conservative supporting socialist wealth redistribution schemes when our economy is on it’s knees?

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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