US Politicians Accuse BP Of Being Complict In Release Of Lockerbie Bomber

Lockerbie Bomber Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi arrives back in Libya

The row about BP and the oil leak just got hotter, as Democrat politicians following the example of President Barack Hussein Obama, are now accusing BP of taking part in the release of convicted terrorist and murderer Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi.

Al-Megrahi was supposed to be a good terrorist by now, as in good and fucking dead; the doctor hired by his legal team and or the Scottish Government, while being overseen from Brown’s bunker in Downing Street said the Libyan terrorist had only 3 months to live, that was on August 20th last year. Nearly a year later and the convicted murder is still drawing breath and his 270 victims are still dead.

There are a number of people including Al-Megrahi who say he is innocent, but then the prisons are full of innocent people, according to their inmates.

Releasing Al-Megrahi was one of the giant political mistakes of the last 100 years, not quite in the league of Neville Chamberlain, but a monumental fuck up none the less, full credit to Gordon Brown and his Labour supporters in Scotland for slipping that one through.

The Americans were never going to be happy with the release of Al-Megrahi as they hold him responsible for the deaths 189 of their citizens, unlike Gordon Brown and Labour who would sell anything and anyone down the river, every American life is important to that country in its national psyche.

There is a school of Labour apologists in this country that say Scotland acted independently and it was nothing to do with Labour; but then some people believe that the earth is flat. It would be politically very naive to believe that London had no hand in the negotiations and did not sanction the release.

Brown and Labour realised there would be some considerable fallout over releasing a convicted murderer, but by using Scotland as the catalyst they would say Scotland acted as an independent country, which might of worked here, but really did not. Where Gordon Brown monumentally screwed up again, was misjudging international opinion, particularly in the USA.

To the world, and particularly the USA Scotland is a state of Britain, much like Florida is a state of the Union, if for example Florida sank a british ship the USA would be blamed not Florida.

For Gordon Brown to believe that any outcome other than Britain getting pilloried for the release of a terrorist on “humanitarian grounds” show a tremendous lack of intellect and judgement.

In his book The Third Man, Peter Mandelson quotes Tony Blair as describing Gordon Brown as “mad, bad and dangerous” to which he should also have added fucking stupid as well.

As the oil leak from the BP well continues polluting the sea so the Obama in a typical Brownesque move to divert attention from a deeply unpopluar regime at home has been attacking BP and making various statements about what the company should do.

Quick to follow the lead of King Hussein, other Democrat politicians are now having a feeding frenzy on BP and accusing the company of being involved in everything from the disapperance of Jimmy Hoffa to getting Al-Megrahi released.

Frank Lautenberg, a Democratic senator from New Jersey, called for an investigation into whether BP helped to secure the early release of Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, the Lockerbie bomber freed by Scottish authorities last year.

“It is shocking to even contemplate that BP is profiting from the release of a terrorist with the blood of 189 Americans on his hands,” Mr Lautenberg wrote in a letter to the Senate foreign relations committee.

BP last night said it was well-known that it had expressed its concerns to the UK government about the slow speed of Mr Megrahi’s release but said it had not expressed any view on any terms or made representations governing the release.

The oil company has faced a series of attacks from US politicians but last night’s was among the most political.

This is a very serious story for this country with our perilous economic position, BP is very important to pension funds, people’s savings and the future economic prosperity of Britain, it cannot be used a pawn for desperate US politicians to deflect attention from pressing economic problems at home or by Obama and his mates at the Church of Climatology as a method to force wealth redistribution Cap and Trade on to the US statute books.

The big question is does Dave have the balls to put to a stop to it, Maggie certainly would have but then she had balls bigger than all the entire coalition government put together.

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  1. I said at the time of al-Megrahi’s release that he should have been permitted to rot in prison. I have prostate cancer, but I didn’t kill 270 innocents.

    • Could not agree more, he wasd found guilty by due process of law, end of.

      Sorry to hear about your prostate cancer, my father developed it at the age of 70 and manged to beat it, I wish you well and hope you win.

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