Jack Straw Invited To US Hearings On Release Of Lockerbie Bomber

Brown, MacAskill and Straw all implicated in the early release of the Lockerbie bomber

The release of the Lockerbie bomber during the last Labour regime was widely regarded by everyone with a brain as one of the most astoundingly stupid and politically naive acts since “Peace in out time“.

The Labour spin and propaganda machine shifted into high gear and tried to spin the “It was a purely Scottish decision“, nothing to do with Gordon Brown and the Labour regime in London, now if you are stupid enough to have voted Labour then there is a very good chance you would believe this crock of shit, after all you believed everything the ginger war criminal and the mad, bad and dangerous one told you.

If however you did not vote Labour this can be seen for what it was, pure greed for oil revenues and the new opportunities for taxation, at the expense of justice and closure for the 270 victims of this horrendous act of terrorism.

Knowing Labour Gordon Brown probably wanted to apologise to Libya for us fighting the Germans there in WW2, or some other reason of Socialist assumed guilt, Tony Blair described Brown as mad so there could well be no rational reason of the realease of Al-Megrahi.
King Hussein and Dave have been discussing the release of the Lockerbie, “It weren’t me Mr President, it was that Scottish twat wot gone and let the bomber out” and the US senate is now holding hearings in to the release of the Lockerbie bomber.

MacAskill has been invited and declined to go,  Jack Straw has announced he will consult the Foreign Office and former Prime Mentalist Gordon Brown about attending.

Straw is prattling on about “In my experience, highly unusual for the legislature of one sovereign state to conduct an inquiry into decisions of another sovereign state…”, but then so Jack, is letting a murdering terrorist bastard out of jail early with with blood of over 100 citizens of another sovereign state on his hands. Especially when the terrorist is supposed to be dead in 3 months and nearly a year later Al-Megrahi is still alive.

The US are also seeking to try and entrap BP some how into being part of the conspiracy to release Al-Megrahi, this is mainly to try and get some sort of payback for the oil spill.

BP probably were lobbying for action to smooth things over in Libya for their commercial development in that country, but then BP is concerned with making a profit not running the country and making foreign policy decisions that we as a country, have to live with on the international stage.

BP is in business to make money, not to set the moral compass of the country, that is the job of the government.

If there is any justice then Dave and the Coalition should make available in the public domain all the documents pertinent to the release of Al-Megrahi, then once and for all the Gordon Browns involvement in sanctioning the release of the terrorist can plain for all to see.

Then we should look to extracting Brown, MacAskill to the USA to stand trial on charges of aiding and abetting terrorism.

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