Church Of Climatology: Chris Huhne And The Wind God

Roger Helmer Conservative MEP and a REAL Conservative PM

How many people who campaigned actively for a Conservative victory in May expected to have one of Dave’s Religious Lib Dem sock puppets as Energy Sectretary?

The answer is probably zero, as in the words of the Monty Python election special “Not a sausage, bugger all

While the outcome was not expected, the reality is all too true, Chris Huhne is a fully paid up member of the Church of Climatology and every bit as dangerous to this country with his dogmatic and stupid energy plans, as was the outgoing Climate Change twat little Eddy Miliband.

The whole man made Climate Change idea was always a darling of the left and never really took hold elsewhere, until the natural successor to Tony Blair wanting power at any price, formed a coalition with the Lib Dems and it looks increasingly like part of the price, will be the eco chic ideas of the Libtards who read every word of George Monbiot, as though it were the gospel truth.

Or will it prove a kludge too far for Conservative party members? There are increasing signs of unrest at the Conservative Home site where MEP Roger Helmer proposes that Conservative and Labour MP’s work together to defeat Huhnes “Green Zealtory

The former Labour government, after years of prevarication, had finally come round to accepting the need for new nuclear capacity – at least to replace old capacity coming to the end of its life, and perhaps to increase the overall contribution of nuclear to the UK’s generating needs.

But today we have Chris Huhne, former Lib-Dem MEP and now, bizarrely, the Energy Secretary in the coalition, telling us that we need more wind power, and insisting there will be no public support for nuclear.

No public support for nuclear, the majority of the public are interested in affordable energy, not energy produced by Climatic dogma that will cost the most to heaviest users: Industry and the elderly, it might have escaped Huhne’s notice but we have a lot of people in energy poverty at the moment, and increasing the costs to industry will damage both employment and exports. As with all religions you could never accuse a Church of Climatology member of being confused by facts, as their mind is already made up.

In repeating his insistence that not a penny of public money should go to nuclear, Huhne omits to mention the vast subsidies that go to wind, in the form of Renewable Obligation Certificates – which unfairly bias the market for low-carbon generation in favour of wind and against nuclear.

In case you’ve forgotten the problems with wind, let’s summarise. Ideally we need generating capacity which is continuous and predictable, like coal or gas or nuclear. Tidal power is discontinuous, but it’s at least predictable. Wind is the worst option – neither continuous nor predictable. As some continental countries have found, increasing reliance on intermittent wind creates ultimately insuperable problems of grid management. And distributed generation creates the need for new investment in the Grid of around £10 billion, over and above the cost of wind farms.

Wind requires constant back-up – conventional capacity fired up and ready to go (known as spinning reserve). Maintaining this reserve means higher costs and higher CO2 emissions (and actually new conventional back-up capacity as well) – factors which wind advocates rarely take into account. Indeed they often talk in terms of rated capacity and omit to mention that on-shore wind typically delivers only around a quarter of rated capacity.

The Labour government had ambitious plans for wind, which many industry commentators said were simply unachievable. There isn’t the capacity to build and install new turbines at the rate envisaged. I am not aware that Huhne has addressed this problem.

Roger Helmers post is the second on Climate Religion in a week, and Dave and the Libtard sock puppets would do well to remember that unlike Labour supporters that would blindly follow the party line of Gordon Brown, no such blinkered adherence to the  party line will follow from the right.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Wind power is the most expensive platform of enenrgy provision that there is and one which gives the least return.

    Any one with a grain of sense (and that excludes Huhne obviously) knows that nuclear is the only answer. Having said that other platforms may well be workable…but in tandem only.

  2. Renewable energy full stop is here to stay whether it’s wind, solar, tidal, ground source or anything else that is discovered/invented.

    Nuclear is not a popular option, just look at all the nulcear related disasters that have occurred. Many people do not feel comfortable having nuclear power stations on their doorstep.

    My bet is on mircro-generation linked with energy efficiency. This options ensures people will be empowered to be more resourceful and take charge of their own energy requirements. It’s only a matter of time when the technology will be affordable to the man in the street.

    Incidentally, regarding the predictability of wind, we are the windest country in Europe and there are many wind farms working very efficiently. Perhaps wind is more predicatable in winter just when are energy needs are at it’s peak.

    Robert Lee

  3. To Robert Lee: Unfortunately you haven’t followed the full facts on energy production which includes micro generation. Just buy ‘When Will The Lights Go Out?’ available on Amazon for the true picture from a retired Grid Controller on the huge problems faced by the intermittency of renewable energy.

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