Dear Dave What We Want Is An Affordable Energy Policy

Symbolic Eco Warrior Dave and his minature bird chopper

The rumblings of discontent over the unaffordable climate change religion policies continues at the Conservative Home site with still more rebellion over blind adherence to the Church of Climatology.

Yesterday the Energy Intensive Users Group and the Trades Union Congress released a major report on the potential impact of climate change policies on energy intensive industries. Here is what some of the groups involved said about the potential impact on jobs, sorry to quote at length but this is an important statement from a number of major employers:

“Managing Director and CEO of Tata Steel Europe, Kirby Adams said: “Many governments have determined that man-made climate change is one of the most pressing issues the world faces today. Corus can be part of the solution through relentless process improvements, investing in breakthrough technologies and supplying and developing new products that underpin a lower CO2 economy.

“Many of the taxes and costs identified in this report are UK-specific and will reduce the competitiveness of Corus’ British operations. Moreover, the very significant cumulative nature of the additional costs likely to come in under European legislation will damage the competitiveness of all EU steelmakers and limit their ability to fulfil their crucial role in a low carbon future.”

The warning is there about competitiveness but will this bother Dave and Huhne as they take their places in the pews of the Church.

As an earlier Civitas report showed, the closure of just one plant, the INEOS Chlor chlor-alkali plant in Runcorn, could cost 46,000 jobs directly and 87,000 jobs in the wider economy. That plant has no chance if energy costs keep rising to pay for failing climate change policies.

Under Brown and his Climate Change Twat Secretary little Eddy Miliband at lot of British jobs were lost at Redcar last year. Jobs that have ended up in India because of games played with Carbon Offsets and Cap n Trade, jobs that will never come back to Britain.

We can’t duck the issue of environmental targets that could undo attempts over the next decade to produce a revived, better balanced economy and sustainable public finances. It is absolutely vital that the coalition wake up to the need for serious reform to reduce the cost of climate change policy to families and industry.

They key words being affordable energy for business and families and fewer people in energy poverty, not some socialist wealth redistribution scheme called Man Made Climate Change used to stuff the Swiss bank accounts of Chavez and Mugabe.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Taken from the International Express Tuesday March 30th page 5 under the sub-heading ‘Environment’.

    ‘…Mr Darling’s big idea on the environment – a 2 billion [pounds] Green Investment Bank – was dismissed as nowhere near enough to clean up the economy.

    Engineering consultants WSP Environment & Energy said that according to the Government’s own estimates the bank would provide only a tiny percentage of the money required to move to a low carbon economy

    WSP director David Symons said: “The Government estimates it will cost between 324 billion and 404 billion [pounds] to deliver a low carbon economy by 2050, and a 2 billion (pounds) fund would therefore provide only 0.5 per cent of this total cost….”

    Well that’s doing your sums, eh. Tell David, eh.

    Seems only Australians who can get this newspaper seem to know these estimates, why not your politicians. Makes turning green seem to become a rather sickly yellow, eh?

  2. Well the US of A aren’t going ahead with the Climate Bill, nor is Australia. Particularly if Liberals/Nationals
    get in, as Rudd the former PM scrapped the ETS bill.

    But I think what is worrying all those keen on carbon trading and clean energy bills etc., is that the data
    is wrong. But there is trillions of dollars, Euros etc., already invested. No carbon price tax, they’ll loose heaps.

    Well – all those investing thousands in solar panels etc., have been afforded thousands of carbon credits.
    Of course these will not be actually worth anything if no carbon tax is introduced.

    Climate is what we expect – Weather is what we get. Only those with vested political or financial interests
    are pushing this fraudulent AGW scam, and carbon trading or clean energy investments.

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