Can Anyone Detox The Labour Party Brand

The toxic Gordon Brown made Labour more than ever Hazardous waste

The toxic Gordon Brown make Labour more than ever Hazardous waste

A You Gov survey for Demos shows that 75% of voters now view the Labour Party Brand as toxic, shame they all were not this wise in 1997 or this country would not be in the mess that it now finds itself in.

It gets better, or worse depending upon your point of view with voters viewing the party as out of touch, divided, weak and old fashioned

People have short memories so for the immediate future Labour is carrying the Prime Ministership of Gordon Brown around it’s neck, in much the same manner as the ancient mariner lugged his decaying Albatross about.

Voters are right that Labour are weak, just look at the number of failed coup attempts to unseat Dear Leader that all failed because not one the Cabinet is actually a veterbrate life form. These are the same spineless cowards that want to become Leader of the Labtard party, and god forbid one day another Labour Prime Minister.

Before getting back to the really bad news of the You Gov poll for Labour it is worth revisiting this little gem that Gerald Warner wrote in the Telegraph in March 2009:

Those of a nervous disposition should be advised, however, that towards the end of the speech there is a worse hazard than flash photography: the camera cuts to Gordon malevolently manipulating his facial muscles in the exercise that, in a human being, would produce a disdainful smile. The resulting rictus has an authentic horror that not even Steven Spielberg’s most sophisticated special effects could engineer.

The last time anything resembling the Brown rictus haunted British politics it was supplied by Sir Robert Peel, whose smile was memorably compared to the cold glint of moonlight upon a silver coffin plate.

It epitomises the contradictory nature of Brown’s personality that he smiles only as a defensive mechanism when he is in trouble or, as during his recent ritual humiliation in the Oval Office, when he is desperately signalling his desire to have Barack Obama’s babies.

Back to the You Gov poll:

These are the most significant results from voters who voted Labtard in 2005 but weren’t fooled again in 2010:

73% thought the party was “weak”
72% believed the party was “divided”
66% said the party was “out of touch”
60% complained they never heard from the party
58% said it represented the past rather than the future

There is still more bad news from the poll on the Demos web site

Voters were turned off by Labour’s main election message on public services, according to new polling evidence commissioned by the independent think tank Demos, released today. The poll shows that voters who deserted Labour at the last election felt Government spending had reached or even breached acceptable limits and no longer viewed the state as a force for good. Demos says Labour’s next leader needs to support public sector cuts and embrace the Big Society agenda if they are to be heard by the public.

While Labour has consistently argued that spending cuts should not go too far or too fast, this poll shows that a significant number of voters recognise the need for cuts. That includes many people who had recently voted Labour, many of whom felt that Labour was spending too much, too wastefully, with too little benefit for them and their families.

More than ever it looks like the only man for the job of Labtard leader is Ed Balls so to all Labtards Aardvark earnestly entreats them to “Vote Balls, Get Twat” and that way the country will be protected from another Labtard government for even longer.

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  1. I could detox the labour party. I got a bit of rope, a lampost and all the time in the world!

  2. Or put the whole lot of them on to an old rustbucket that’s ready for the scrapyard – then scuttle it in the middle of the Atlantic! 😛

  3. Heretic Tory

    I believe the only person to save the Labour party image would probably be John Bercow’s wife! She appears pleasant and would bring a breath of fresh air to proceedings. She wants to be a Labour MP, so they should let her!

  4. Heretic Tory

    How about the Harmeisters “caretaker stewardship” of the Labour party?
    Never before has one woman been so elusive, harder to spot than a helpful sales assistant in your local branch of Boots apart from when she is addressing an audience of Black people as “brothers and sisters” much to everyone’s merriement, disbelief or anger (please delete as you would find appropriate).

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