Climate Change Policies Lose Votes In Germany

Green Poicies Lose Votes In Germany

More really bad news for warming alarmists, this time from Germany where green policies, talk of green taxes and other efforts at one world government are a net vote loser from a population tired of junk science and never ending fear and doom stories.

Dave and the Wind God Chris Huhne would do well to learn from the lesson that German politicians are currently learning.

In another superb piece from the notrickszone blog P. Gosselin:

In summary the topic of climate change in Germany has gone far beyond its shelf-life. It is used up and no longer draws a bit of interest from the public. As the clip shows, the German public has grown tired of the constant barrage of climate alarmism, and is now über-bored by it. Editors have since taken climate news off the front pages. The public doesn’t want to hear it anymore, the editors fret.

The post also contains a video of clip from NDR Panorama which although in German has English translations of the important points.

At 0:36 of the clip, normal citizens are asked about climate change. The reaction: they couldn’t care less about it. Indeed some even say warmer is better. Climate change? No worries at all!

And what about Chancellor Angela Merkel? Climate change has become a thorn in her side. She associates the issue with failure and hopelessness. Says Tagesspiegel editor Dagmar Dehmer at the 5:38 mark:

Climate change has become a loser topic. And Angela Merkel wants nothing to do with it.

Yet, Merkel’s minister of environment insists that climate change is an important topic for the future.

All across the world Governments have backed away from Climate Change policies, Cap n Trade and other eco-mentalist lunacy, which leaves us with the question why are Dave and the Wind God going to screw British Industry next month by implementing Green taxation put on the statute books by Gordon Brown and the Labtard government.

Our economy is broken after 13 years of Labour’s profligate stupidity so why Dave are you going to hamstring the recovery by making Bristih business fight for recovery with one hand tied to their balls?

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  1. iDave is not a real Tory, TA, he may have gone to Eton but that alone doesn’t make him clever – he’s already proved that he knows fuck all about history and he has absolutely no idea of how normal people have to live in our oppressive, overtaxed hellhole of a country!

  2. Not killing the climate change fraud is why the Tories didn’t get an overall majority in the General Election. It certainly cost them votes to both the BNP and the UKIP

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