Lib Dem Support Plummets To 8%; Go On Dave Call A General Election

Little Nicky Clegg as popular as fart in a spacesuit, and about as useful

August 18th 2010 will mark the 100th day of the coalition government and to celebrate this wonderous event Sky News have commissioned a poll which makes grim reading for Little Nicky, St Vince of Fable and the Wind God Chris Huhne.

If there were to be a General Election tomorrow then St Vince and the Wind God would be signing on the day afterwards.

A poll on June 28th had the Lib Dems on 16%, in less than 2 months the Lib Dem support has fallen 50%

Asked how they would vote if there was another General Election tomorrow, 43% would back the Conservatives, 24% would vote Labour and 8% would support the Liberal Democrats.

So far, 44% believe the coalition has done a good job, while 33% say it has performed badly. More than a fifth (22%) do not feel strongly either way.

The results of the survey bring bad news for Nick Clegg who has seen support for his party rapidly decline.

More than half of his own supporters believe the decision to join a coalition with the Conservatives has been a bad thing for the party and more than 40% of Lib Dem voters said they do not plan to vote for them again as a result.

In contrast, the Conservatives would win an outright majority in the House of Commons if there was another General Election tomorrow.

Tory supporters think the coalition has been good for the party on the whole, with 45% agreeing and 24% against.

Voters overall think David Cameron has done a good job as Prime Minister – 54% say he has done very or quite well while 31% believe he has done badly. His deputy, Mr Clegg, does not fare as well, with just 34% saying he is doing well and 36% disagreeing. Sky News

If only Dave had the balls of Maggie Thatcher and the political will he would call a General Election, with a leaderless and inward looking Labour party, and with 43% poll approval Cameron would win a proper working majority and there would be a real Conservative Government, without Libtards like the Wind God in minsterial posts.

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  1. Love the comment below the picture.

  2. Nick Clegg is awful, just awful, and his shallow insincerity has been brutally revealed since he joined up with Cameron. I cannot see him lasting, his own party must be dying to replace him. Surely it’s only a matter of time.

    • Agreed Clegg is awful but from where I sit Huhne is more dangerous as the Wind God his ideas for the non existent man made global warming scam makes him far more dangerous than Dave’s milk monitor

  3. LD liars. The Coalition does not deserve to survive and neither does the party.

  4. Once Dave’s back from his jollies I reckon that he’ll have a bit more fire in his belly.
    God help the Libbies!!

  5. Clegg appears to have totally lost the plot , as suggested by his comments of “There is no future for us as a party of the left” . Either his true colours of a Tory reject who fancied a better chance calling himself a “liberal” , or he has totally lost the plot and should stand down as the deputy Primeminister before he has a mental breakdown . He clearly does not understand why his own persoanl poularity has plummetted after clearly lying during the election debates about his own stance .

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