Meet Nancy Pelosi, America’s Harriet Harman

Pelosi and Harman share a lot more than just being wizened old hags

America has it’s very own Harriet Harman, a particularly nasty, mean and repressive bitch that goes by the name of Nancy Pelosi, Pelosi is Speaker of the House in King Hussein’s regime for those that don’t follow US politics that closely.

Harman’s answer to everything was to ban it, regulate it, control it, nanny it and if that did not work resort to the profligate use of words that ended in “ist” or “ism”, those of us that dared question the uncontrolled immigration that was Labour’s hidden agenda were deafened by the screams of “Racism”.

The international Marxist movement, however it dresses itself up, be it as Barack Obama, New Labour, Kevin Rudd whatever is all about one thing, state control and suppression of any dissent to the party line. Now we think it was bad here, in the USA it’s just getting a lot worse as the row about the Ground Zero mosque gets bigger.

See if you can guess how Pelosi wants to deal with people who are opposed to the mosque?

Of course! What better way to defend the First Amendment freedom of religion than to have the Speaker of the House ask the federal government investigate those exercising their First Amendment right to free speech? Nancy Pelosi just guaranteed at least two new news cycles for a story, tossing even more gasoline on the fire than Barack Obama’s pas de deux this weekend:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday said she supports an investigation into groups opposing the building of a mosque near ground zero in New York.

Pelosi told San Francisco’s KCBS radio that “there is no question there is a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some.”

“I join those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded,” she said. “How is this being ginned up?”

Replace the US name and organisations with Harriet Harman and the BBC and there is no difference between the defunct Labour regime in London, and the dying regime in Washington.

Pelosi would take this opportunity to use the government as a thought police to silence dissent. Hat tip Ed Morrissey Hot Air Blog

The universal Marxist goal of controlling your thoughts, it failed here, it must surely fail in the USA.

Obama said about Gordon Brown “ his regime has the smell of death about it“, as one Marxist dictator speaking about another the use of regime is a bit of Freudian slip, but if Obama thinks Brown was sliding to doom, how will he spin his position after the November mid-term elections.

To paraphrase the late, great Frank Zappa “Obama’s regime is not dead, it just smells funny

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  1. How could anyone vote such an ugly cow into office? How could they? How embarrassing for the American people to witness this ugly, inept, incompetent piece of withered meat having such a big say in their lives.

    • Not all people are shallow cunts. Some are more conserned about things they find just a little bit more relevant when it comes to electing politicians…like politics.

  2. She is such a vile witch/bitch!

  3. 1. I like Harriet Harman
    2. Your writing makes you sound like a David Icke parody.

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