George Bush And Tony Blair Plotted To Stop Gordon Brown Becoming PM

Bush told Blair US cannot work with Gordon Brown

Tony Blair knew it, most of the Labour party and their advisers knew it, even George W Bush knew it: Gordon Brown was not fit for purpose as Chancellor or Prime Minister.

None the less Brown eventually became Prime Minister, no one in Labour had the balls to stand up to him and they were happy to let Brown ruin country while Ed Balls and Milibland brother stayed in power, these are the same spineless tossers that want to lead the Labtard pary.

Whichever one of these pointless fuckwits wins, it is worth remembering that if they could not stand up to a bully like Gordon Brown then what sort of a leader for Britain will they make?

George W Bush has been portrayed as a mindless chimp in the media here, well for the record George W could see from the White House that Brown was going to be a disaster

The White House warnings, which were reiterated by other leading US-based figures, played a key role in Mr Blair’s attempt to cling on to power until at least 2008, and to groom David Miliband as his successor, The Sunday Telegraph has been told.

Mr Blair hatched his plot to stay on longer than planned after being told that President Bush and those around him would have “big problems” working with Mr Brown.

Senior officials in the US administration sounded the alert after a meeting between Mr Brown and Condoleezza Rice, Mr Bush’s secretary of state, in which Mr Brown “harangued” her over American policy on aid, development and Africa.

After the uncomfortable session, sources said she reported her misgivings to the White House, and they were sent on in turn to Mr Blair.

Brown wanting to give all our money away in aid or the great Man Made Climate Change Scam.

After taking the warnings on board, Mr Blair signalled his intention to stay on at No 10 until at least 2008, the year of the US election to choose a successor to Mr Bush.

However, he was forced to abandon this plan following a “coup” led by Mr Brown’s supporters. Mr Brown eventually became prime minister in June 2007 and pursued a foreign policy that was far more independent of America than Mr Blair’s had been

The Labour Party forced Blair out to get the mad man Brown in.

The “understanding” between Mr Bush and Mr Blair was revealed to The Sunday Telegraph by well-placed Whitehall sources. However, the former prime minister’s spokesman last night denied that a “message” had been sent.

One source said: “This at last answers the question of why Tony Blair tried so hard to stay on: the Americans were far from happy about the imminent succession of Gordon Brown. They left him in no doubt about that.”

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  1. I bet they did, the nutjob. Gordon was crazy on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart! C R A Z Y! He kept maniacally laughing, it was so weird! Non-stop!

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