Tony Blair To Reignite War With Gordon Brown

Blair to blame Brown for losing the General Election

The Labour Party is preparing for the Blair Brown war to restart with the publication of the orange war criminals book on Wednesday which no one should buy, instead donate the entire cover price to the British Legion.

The major reason for Blairs book is for his justification for his illegal war with Iraq, but also included will be Blairs judgement on Gordon Brown’s handling of the economic crisis and the General Election.

BBC2 will be showing Blair’s first major TV interview since he left Downing Street

Mr Blair yesterday filmed his first major television interview since he left Downing Street ahead of the publication tomorrow of his memoir, entitled A Journey.

The interview, by Andrew Marr, will be screened on BBC2 at 7pm tomorrow.

Mr Blair will defend his role in the Iraq War and pass judgment on Mr Brown’s handling of the financial crisis and the election campaign, and the performance of the coalition Government.

He is likely to stress that his Chancellor and successor was solely responsible for the regulatory free-for-all that led to the economic crisis.

So it didn’t start in America as Brown said to the country again and again, it was due to fiscial incompetence of Gordon Brown.

A senior Labour figure said: ‘Gordon is convinced that everyone is trying to trash his reputation on the economy.’

Aardvark was not aware that anyone apart from a Labtard fuckwit would actually connect Gordon Brown and reputation on anything, especially the economy; just look at how Brown deliberately wrecked our Pensions.

A Brown ally said: ‘If Blair is going to use this to settle scores then he needs to know that he will not have the field to himself.

‘Gordon’s friends will not stand idly by and see his achievements rubbished.’

Full Story The Daily Mail

Gordon Brown and achievemnts in the same sentence?

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    Neil, I blogged that someone should speak to Tony Blair about the book signing he was planning at Waterstones. He knew there would be demos, he knew there would be aggro, but he was still selfishly planning to go ahead, because he thought if he charged the country for his security (£250,000 at least) his lousy skin would be safe and he would make more money from the book.

    The book signing is cancelled! HOORAY!!!

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