Tony Blair Knew Gordon Brown Would Be A Disaster

So Tony Blair knew that Gordon Brown was going to be a disaster, or so Blair claims in his book, The Journey published today.

All the major broadsheets are covering the book, which has comfortably beaten whatever crap Gordon Brown is going publish later this year and thus will be taken by future historians as the definitive account of the disaster sometimes known as the New Labour Experiment.

Hat tip to Blair for taking a bankrupt ideology and hoodwinking the electorate by prefixing Labour with New, still if people are dumb enough to believe that a leopard can change it spots then everyone who voted Labour should also be blamed for the state the country is now in.

With such a choice of reviews of Blair’s book Aardvark has gone for the Guardian coverage to see what left of centre quasi intellectuals think of the The Journey

Tony Blair came to the view that Gordon Brown would be a disaster as prime minister and that Labour could not win the 2010 general election, he reveals in his long awaited memoirs.

“It was never going to work,” Blair writes of Brown’s three years in No 10, arguing that the former chancellor had “zero emotional intelligence” and fatally abandoned the New Labour formula.

Brown was always going to be a disaster, he is a true believer in the global socialist crusade, much like the character played by Eric Morely in “The Africa Queen” who cracks up totally when the Germans attack his mission and kill all his “little children”; which is how Brown saw himself leading his “little children” in this case the people of this once great country.

In the book and in his only pre-publication interview, Blair reveals that:

• Brown personally threatened to bring him down over the loans for honours scandal in 2006, before offering to stay his hand in return for the abandonment of Lord Turner’s plans to reform pensions.

• He feels intense “anguish” over the lives lost in the Iraq war and failed to “guess the nightmare that unfolded”.

• He believes Labour was wrong to ban fox hunting and pass the freedom of information act which is “not practical” for good government.

Once again Brown and pensions comes up, what does Gordon Brown have against pensions?

Gordon Browns dull and dreary tome when it finally floats up from the bottom of the pond will doubtless attempt to make the case for his actions as Chancellor and PM.

The big question is will anyone actually give a shit about what Brown has to say?

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  1. Well he wants to sell his book doesn’t he? Actions speak better than words. New Labor had a lack lustre
    PM Brown, and I never warmed to Blair either. But pollies who are successful in being voted in are ones
    presenting a favorable personal profile, and Gordon didn’t cut the mustard in that area as Blair did. Just goes
    to show that in a democracy, you can’t judge a book by its cover. (Excuse the pun).

    You think you have problems, we have worse in Australia with this hung parliament situation (with a preferential voting system). And voting is compulsory. With 600,000 donkey or informal votes it is a nightmare. I support one of the Independents, Tony Windsor, and his electorate favor the Coalition.
    He doesn’t seem to favor them at the moment, and if he supports the PM Julia Gillard, there will be a backlash in his electorate.

  2. God, what a rat fink! This nasty bit of work is the only thing that could actually produce sympathy for Gordon Brown. It is kicking a man when he is down, I thought Blair was supposed to be religious.

  3. I’m struggling to work out which of these bastards I’d NOT piss on first…as they got closer & closer to HELL !!!
    Blair was/IS a coniving wanker…at least Cyclops can offer the excuse of being a Scottish Mincing Fucktard as some form of defence!!

    • Brown for me, I have never hated a politician like I hate that fat Scottish cunt and that fucking ugly heiffer that whelps Browntards from time to time.

      I and many other will never the forgive the fat evil cunt for what he did to our pensions, I wish Brown nothing but misfortune and misery.

      On the premise that my enemy’s enemy is my friend then go for it Tony lets have the truth, the whole truth about cursed one eyed son of the Manse

      • yeh….you could well be right.
        Still…we got Dick ED Balls to consider for the future….another LabTARD who deserves a smack across the base of the shull with a lump of willow!!

  4. تعلم البوكر


  5. John moore

    Blair is just a twat, anyone with half a brain could see what was coming. He just used Brown as a scape goat.

  6. paulbaker37


    Firstly, I’m pleased you liked my caricature of Tony Blair so much that you decided to use it for your site – however, I haven’t actually given permission for it to be used.

    Would it therefore be possible to either give me a name credit and a link to my website ( on this page; OR remove the image as soon as possible; OR if you wish to continue using it, arrange a fee? I can be contacted from my website.

    Many thanks,

    Paul Baker.

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