Church Of Climatology Is Still After Our Money

They will be after your money again in November

The warming alarmists and wealth redistributors were at it again last week, albeit quietly, but never the less assembled in Geneva and looking for new ways to give our money away.

GENEVA, Sept 3 (Reuters) – Almost 50 nations made progress on Friday towards a “Green Fund” to help poor countries fight global warming but hosts Mexico and Switzerland said a full U.N. climate treaty was out of reach for 2010.

Environment ministers and senior officials meeting in Geneva also examined how to raise a promised $100 billion a year in climate aid from 2020 — perhaps from carbon markets, higher plane fares or taxes on shipping — to be managed by the Fund.

Mexico will host an annual U.N. climate meeting in Cancun from Nov. 29-Dec. 10. A Green Fund is meant to help poor nations shift from fossil fuels and cope with projected floods, droughts, mudslides and rising seas caused by climate change.

Espinosa said any deal in Cancun would fall short of a treaty, part of a lowering of hopes after the U.N.’s Copenhagen summit in 2009 agreed only a non-binding deal. Cancun might decide to build any deals into a treaty, perhaps in 2011.

Here we go again the same big lie told again and again and totally ignoring the junk science of the IPCC, Michael Mann and Phil Jones.

Of course there is a lowering of hopes this years COP16 private jet, limo and hooker fest is more interested in seeing who will head up the Climate Change scam when Yvo de Boer steps down as chief snake oil salesman.

The Dutch in the meantime have launched a web site, back by the UN one world government and wealth redistribution politburo

Makes some interesting reading perhaps Dave or The Wind God can explain why with the parlous state of Britain’s finances have we pledged £1.5 billion and already committed £511 million pounds that could have been spent on reducing the deficit or providing housing for homeless ex-service people.

Oxfam are naturally pleased with the web site but cautious as it does not go far enough in giving our money away.

Romain Benicchio Oxfams Policy Advisor:

Only transparent and exhaustive reporting on climate finance according to common rules under the UN will give confidence that the limited promises of Copenhagen have not been forgotten and that developed countries are serious about their commitment to fight climate change,”

Slow down a moment Romain, what will Oxfam do when the western world has given all it’s money away?

There wont be anymore money left for donations so who will pay for the Mercedes S Class and BMW 7 Series that people like you have provided as company cars by Oxfam. Aardvark knows this to be true because he worked on computer system a for a company that manages Oxfam’s car fleet, which is of course all paid for by the donations of those who give to this scam.

These cars have the same carbon footprints that you and I are not supposed to have, which is no surprise as hypocrisy always goes hand in hand with authoritarian green eco-mentalists.

About Tory Aardvark

Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. I am trying to get the skeptics organised into a single body (there is the NIPCC but who’s heard of them?) or at least work together so they have the same message and create datasheets with simple science (the believers want nothing less) explaining why the certainties do not exist and we are not able to measure any changes in the climate from a small addition of CO2 in the face of hundreds of other factors etc.
    I have also volunteered to pass these along and communicate with anyone required, and have so far generated a little interest and awaiting a reply. I am working my way through the usual names but if the idea is passed along by us all then the message will get across and the campaign will become more organised like the IPCC mirror version. Nothing else is going to stand a chance with so much power behind the machine as it stands but spread a simple scientific doubt and support will slowly start dropping off until not enough to vote these crooks in in the first place.

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