Boris Challenges Theresa May Over Immigration Cap

Aardvark likes Boris Johnson, Boris is extremely charismatic, eloquent and very funny, Boris has been known to have the odd eccentric idea and also some very good ones. A larger than life character he is popular and to someone who lives in the country, London seems to be a much more alive and vibrant than in the days of Ken Livingstone.

( OK Angie? Please don’t come round and beat the shit out of me for what follows next :D)

On Channel 4 News tonight Boris shows himself to be at odds with Government Policy on a cap on immigration

It is on this latter issue that he has again put himself at odds with government policy. Channel 4 News reported tonight that he has warned Home Secretary Theresa May that the Government’s cap on immigration is “likely to have a significant negative and disproportionate impact on London” and “put the economic recovery at risk by creating skills gaps and placing London at a competitive disadvantage in the global competition for talent and inward investment”.

The report is based on the London Mayor’s submission to the Home Office consultation on the matter.

Channel 4 News continues:

He says that the economic harm of limiting the number of workers from outside the European Union (EU) “would be substantial given their vital contribution to UK economy, and disproportionately felt in London given their concentration in the capital”.

He also argues that leading businesses are “unanimous in their opposition and hostile to the proposal”, adding: “They warn that the limit will damage small, medium and large businesses, prevent inward investment, talent and trade opportunities coming to London, and thereby materially damage London’s competitiveness”.

The mayor believes the interim cap on numbers is “already causing businesses significant recruitment problems”, and he concludes that “a major rethink of government policy is required”.

There are nearly 8 million economically inactive people and 4 million households where no adult is employed.

Before the wailing banshees of Labtards start up about wicked evil baby eating Tories wanting to cut the benefits of those with a real need of state support, obviously not all people on benefits are there through lifestyle choice, there are many cases that are deserving. But there are also those who sponge off the tax payers of this country because they are simply just too fucking idle to work and they were conditioned to this idea by Gordon Brown and Labour to protect their core base of voters.

Vote Labour and the Government keeps paying and raising benefits, how could anyone justify tax credits for people on £50k a year? Unless of course you were trying to buy votes.

Boris is wrong on this occasion we need to get our own unemployed working and generating tax revenues in the economy.

The more people working and the fewer on benefits the more money available for benefits for those that need them, it could be said that the benefit scroungers are denying money from those that really need state support by not working and by drawing benefits reducing the pool of available money.

By all means look outside the EU Boris if there are still skills shortages after we get back to full employment otherwise the wealth generated by immigrant workers will just continue to provide support to those lazy tossers that can’t be bothered to work like the rest of us.


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  1. angelneptunestar

    Hahaha, Neil you are entitled to your opinion. Great opening though.


    Neil, here, I am sure Boris wrote this just for you. Does this reassure you now?

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