More Bad News For Warming Alarmists And More Stupidity From Chris Huhne

Inside Chris Huhnes brain. H/T James Delingpole

Three stories about the warming alarmists from around the world, starting in Britain with The Wind God, Chris Huhne who is bleating on about Green jobs being the answer to Government cuts, because of all the jobs that will be created.

The Spanish were more gullible than most and went straight in to the Green jobs economy, and found to their cost that every Green job created, cost 2 jobs in conventional industries. The evidence is there, almost on our doorstep, yet Chris Huhne ignores the obvious as he follows his belief in wealth redistribution.

Disastrous sop to the lunatic fringe of the Eton Grocer’s hideous sell-out Coalition Chris “Chicken Little” Huhne has been busy telling porkies again.

“Green jobs” could ease the impact of spending cuts and drive the recovery, Energy Secretary Chris Huhne has said.

He told MPs thousands of new jobs could be created and the insulation industry “enormously” increased as part of the coalition government’s “green deal”.

Improving energy efficiency would be a key part of an energy bill due to be published in November, he said.

Perhaps he might be advised to read International Policy Network’s devastating report on “green jobs” and “green investments,” which it summarises thus:

The government has recently laid out plans to pour taxpayers’ money into “green investments”, claiming that the high costs will be offset by long-term benefits to the economy and the environment. The new study finds that this “win-win” attitude is a delusion. Hidden costs include: H/T James Delingpole

In Australia Jo Nova thinks that the tide has turned against the warming alarmists as news in recent weeks of events like the EU backing away from Al Gore’s religion, the alarmists lobby in Washington is giving up and going home and the massive lack of interest in the COP 16 circus are all positive signs.

3. The lobbyists are going home:


Climate advocates stung by defeat in the Senate are folding one of their big umbrella lobbying groups.

Clean Energy Works, a coalition of 80 environmental, religious, veteran and labor groups, will phase out its operations this fall as Democratic congressional leaders abandon plans for a sweeping bill to cap greenhouse gas emissions.
At its peak, the coalition had 200 field organizers in key states and more than 45 staffers based out of a “war room” in downtown Washington. It is led by Paul Tewes, who ran President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign operations in Iowa and other battleground states.

4. Only half as many people use carbon offsets for their jet travel.

From Bolt: Going off their offsets

More than 90 per cent of passengers who book online through Qantas and Jetstar decline to offset their carbon emissions…

The percentage of people taking up offsets on Jetstar drops to between four per cent and five per cent on long flights and sits in the six per cent to 6.5 per cent range on trans-Tasman flights.

Overall figures at Jetstar have also fallen back from more than 10 per cent since it began its offset scheme in 2007.

4. Al Gore’s team of trained speakers are not so popular

His team will only do 6 talks in Sept 2010 compared to 100 in Sept 2009 (and 193 last October).

From comments on Tom Nelsons site, one reader claimed that Gores group had “finished their job”.

Sean responded:

Al Gore’s presentations have done their job and the decline in his influence is disturbing a skeptic fantasy?? Gore had a $300 million plan to sell the climate consensus and during the campaign, the number of people skeptical about the climate consensus doubled. The man gets up to $100,000 an appearance but can’t take questions from the audience. Your hero Gore is running scared from free speech… H/T Jo Nova

In the USA the junk scientists have got it wrong, would you believe again?

Warming alarmist junk science would have people believe that climate change in California is caused by AGW, but as a new report shows this is not case.

The majority of the prevailing California weather systems originate in the N. Pacific Ocean. The average minimum monthly temperature is a measure of the surface air temperature of these weather systems. Changes in minimum surface temperature are an indicator of changes in the temperature of the tropospheric air column, not the ground surface temperature.

This technique may be extended to other regions using the appropriate local ocean surface temperature reference. The analysis found no evidence for CO2 induced warming trends in the California data. This confirms prior ‘Null Hypothesis’ work that it is impossible for a 100 ppm increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration to cause any climate change. H/T Minnesotans For Global Warming

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  1. Hi TA – love your article. On this particular topic you may be very interested in our site’s Climate Fact of The Day item that we are running with help from Jo Nova and David Archibald – Reason will win though…eventually – All the best JF

  2. More Bad News For Warming Alarmists And More Stupidity From Chris Huhne Tory Aardvark I was recommended this web site by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my trouble. You’re wonderful! Thanks! your article about More Bad News For Warming Alarmists And More Stupidity From Chris Huhne Tory Aardvark Best Regards Cindy Schaad

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