Warming Alarmists Had Their Chance And They Blew It

The pinnacle of warming alarmist stupidty Joss Garmans plummeting polar bears

The Warming Alarmists had it all, Universities and Professors making up the data to support the man made Climate Change scam, the IPCC run by a railway engineer and producing reports that were no more than precis of WWF propaganda mailshots, the UN working hard to set itself up as a one world government and the conspiracy of left wing leaders like Barack “Settled Science” Obama, Gordon “50 Days to Save The World Brown, Hugo “Give Me All Your Money” Chavez and all the rest, either standing with hands out for our money or about to give our wealth away.

The vast majority of MSM outlets towed the party line and spouted the AGW lie, in Britain the BBC we are forced to pay for by the television tax prayed daily at the Church of Climatology, more due to the fact that some fool invested significant portions of the BBC pension fund in Green Industries, the old saying about fools and money soon being parted springs to mind. So to protect their pension fund the BBC spread verbatim the AGW lies of Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband, impartiality at the BBC went out of the window, trampled flat by personal gain.

No pressure group in history has ever had the advantages that the warming alarmists had So where did it all go wrong?

George Monbiot thinks he knows

The closer it comes, the worse it looks. The best outcome anyone now expects from December’s climate summit in Mexico is that some delegates might stay awake during the meetings. When talks fail once, as they did in Copenhagen, governments lose interest. They don’t want to be associated with failure, they don’t want to pour time and energy into a broken process. Nine years after the world trade negotiations moved to Mexico after failing in Qatar, they remain in diplomatic limbo. Nothing in the preparations for the climate talks suggests any other outcome.

Not quite true George, the reason most people are attending COP16 is to jostle for position as the next UN Climate Supremo when Yvo de Boer retires as senior snake oil salesman.

In 2012 the only global deal for limiting greenhouse gas emissions – the Kyoto protocol – expires. There is no realistic prospect that it will be replaced before it elapses: the existing treaty took five years to negotiate and a further eight years to come into force. In terms of real hopes for global action on climate change, we are now far behind where we were in 1997, or even 1992. It’s not just that we have lost 18 precious years. Throughout the age of good intentions and grand announcements we spiralled backwards.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions George, it does not matter how noble or good the intentions of the cause, it was all founded on a lie and a lie is a lie no matter how you dress it up, what Aardvark is saying is “George you cant polish a turd“.

Hanging over everything is the growing recognition that the United States isn’t going to play. Not this year, perhaps not in any year. If Congress couldn’t pass a climate bill so feeble that it consisted of little but loopholes while Barack Obama was president and the Democrats had a majority in both houses, where does hope lie for action in other circumstances? Last Tuesday the Guardian reported that of 48 Republican contenders for the Senate elections in November only one accepted that man-made climate change is taking place. Who was he? Mike Castle of Delaware. The following day he was defeated by the Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell, producing a full house of science deniers. The enlightenment? Fun while it lasted.

George is right this time, 47 out of 48 Republican candidates don’t believe in AGW and with Christine O’Donnel it is indeed a full house of junk science deniers.

Poor old George stuck in time, like a throwback from a bygone era, “science deniers” since when did science and the Church of Climatology have any thing in common?

Science is about constantly questioning and looking for answers, not frigging the data for spurious graphs and then deleting it when anyone asks to see it.

Where does this leave us? How should we respond to the reality we have tried not to see: that in 18 years of promise and bluster nothing has happened? Environmentalists tend to blame themselves for these failures. Perhaps we should have made people feel better about their lives. Or worse. Perhaps we should have done more to foster hope. Or despair. Perhaps we were too fixated on grand visions. Or techno-fixes. Perhaps we got too close to business. Or not close enough. The truth is that there is not and never was a strategy certain of success, as the powers ranged against us have always been stronger than we are.

Greens are a puny force by comparison to industrial lobby groups, the cowardice of governments and the natural human tendency to deny what we don’t want to see. To compensate for our weakness, we indulged a fantasy of benign paternalistic power – acting, though the political mechanisms were inscrutable, in the wider interests of humankind. We allowed ourselves to believe that, with a little prompting and protest, somewhere, in a distant institutional sphere, compromised but decent people would take care of us. They won’t. They weren’t ever going to do so. So what do we do now? George Mobiot

George then plays the “puny force” card, the whole Green movement are just a bunch of impoverished sandal wearing hippies, which is about a far from the truth, as man made climate disruption is.

Any movement that numbered at one time or another, organisations like the UN, WWF, OXFAM, Greenpeace, the government of the USA, Britain, Australia, France, Germany, Mainstream Media globally is hardly impotent or impoverished.

The real reason that the AGW scam crashed and burned is because there  is a  finite limit on Hitlers dictum that if you tell a big enough lie and tell it often enough people will believe it as the truth, the problem for the followers of Al Gore is that the lie this time, was just too fucking big.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. http://toryaardvark.com @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. ..you can’t polish a turd…& no matter how much glitter you sprinkle on it..it’s still a turd!!

  2. Excellent article. It isn’t just that the lie was too big, it was just bullshit. You know, when they keep finding Woolly Mammoths encased in ice with food (grass) still in their mouths…at the North Pole…it kinda makes you wonder. That, hey, maybe over thousands of years of geologic time the Earth’s weather really hasn’t been all that stable; that just maybe we go through warming and cooling trends fairly regularly; that maybe all those spewing volcanos out there are sending more crap in the atmosphere than we do. But the real topper is just how absurd all their dire predictions were getting. They just started to sound like a bunch of retards.

  3. The ‘Big Lie’ dictum only works in an environment where the lying class (government) controls the media (not necessarily directly – it can simply be through bribery and/or threats of limited ‘access’ – that’s what has controlled the NYTimes for a century).

    In the past, media production was costly and had significant economies of scale – hence ownership of media otulets was concentrated in the hands of the ‘media barons’… who for the most part weer only too happy to sidle up to, and sit at, the table of political power.

    The exceptions – the myriad local newspapers that dotted the landscape until the late 20th century – were of little influence in shaping ‘big’ issues, and were generalyl run by folks who mistook wages for return on capital (that is, the entities concerned were loss-making , or would have been if the owner/managers took a salary).

    That has changed fundamentally; more to the point, like-minded people can cast their net globally. In 1995 (when I first started using the internet, on a university computer running the Mosaic [pre-Netscape] browser), there was simply no simple mechanism for organisation on the scale afforded by the modern interchoobs. (That said, I have been part of an activist ‘cell’ since the old BBS days of the late 1980s – we had no trouble contacting folks in other countries; but the global hackosphere was measrued in hundreds of people, not milions).

    Folks with a $400 computer and a $30 a month innerchoobs connection, can discover – quite easily – that they’re not alone in thinking that they’re being played. Even better, people with little more than a notion that things aren’t quite as described on the tin, can then discover resources to enable them to refine their opinions. And they discover that the ‘Remnant’ – the modern political heretics – aren’t some teensy fragment of humanity shouting at the sky in the wilderness (or, even if they are… they’re a thousand times more numerous than previously thought).

    The interchoobs has given us the same ‘game changer’ in our relationship with our current owners (the political class), as the printing press gave us relative to our former owners (the ecclesiastical class). Two hundred years after Gutenberg, the ‘Liberty of Conscience’ movement gained momentum… and the writing was on the wall for the major churches, at least as far as their ability to demand obeisance (and to extort taxes under pain of punishment). Now, all religions must get by on voluntary donations, with members free to quit the church without being burned alive for it.

    And so it will be with ‘politics’; there will come a day when all political association will be entirely voluntary, adn taxes will only be paid by those silly enough to donate their political power to some party apparatchik. It won’t take 200 years, though; it might not even take another 200 months. After all, the early presses were monstrously less efficient than the innerchoobs, where ten thousand people from every corner of the globe can read any given webpage at the same time (server bandwidth permitting).

    I would not want to be one of the vermin that lives off taxes in 20 years time; I think that being a former politican (or a former state thug) will be something that will paint a target on one’s forehead – like being a former stukach in the old USSR (these days, that gets you a shallow grave in a forest somewhere).



  4. Funny article, and comments. I guess if the Gulf Oil spill changes the climate due to change in the Atlantic Conveyor Belt, then we will see articles that will say the change does not exist because some people have nothing better to do but believe everything is a conspiracy since business (government) has found a way to make a buck on the disaster. I guess no one here reads current politics, if they did, then you would know about Niomi klein”s Disaster Capitalism. Where the theory is based on this very concept mentioned above.

    • Naomi Klein I presume is who you mean.

      The book in question is just paranoid conspiracy theory, kind of Darren Brown meets J.K. Rowling.

      About as well written as Harry Potter but Klein makes slightly less sense

  5. Follow The Money!
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