Ed Miliband vs The Thinking Mans Rotweiler

Michael Fallon the new Conservative Party Deputy Chairman has wasted no time in laying in to Ed Miliband, describing Milibland as a deficit-denying, union-controlled, u-turning, decision-ducker

Pretty accurate all in all, shame Fallon missed out warming alarmist twat as well.

You dont have to be the 21st Century political equivalent of Sun Tzu to work out that the Conservative attacks on Miliband will dwell on deficit denial, and accurately portray him as yet another Labour puppet controlled by the Unions who funded Miliband junior’s campaign and voted him in.

The Labour Party and Miliband,D are making a great show of unity and false bonhomie, but and it is a very important but, the majority of Labour MPs and party members wanted David Miliband as Leader and they were overruled by the Unions.

The Labour party has a history of going a long way left after suffering a major defeat, and the defeat of Gordon Brown in May was one of the biggest in Labour history so Red Ed is probably the right man of lead the Labour party in to oblivion, which after the last 13 years is the best thing possible for this country.

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