What Does The Future Hold For David Miliband?

Happier times for the brothers bland

The result of the Labour leadership contest has killed David Milibands Westminster career stone dead, if this had been a war then the elder Miliband brother is what they politely call “collateral damage” when a bomb goes astray.

Had the result been reversed then Ed as the younger brother could have stayed on and had his turn later when David stepped down, but it is difficult to see how there is a Westminster future for David Miliband for both political and personal reasons.

In the Labour election David beat Ed hands down with MP’s and the PLP, Ed won because of the Union vote.

There are some in the Labour Party that want David to stay on and become Shadow Chancellor, if only to stop the inexorable drift left that will happen if Ed Balls or Yvette Cooper become Shadow Chancellor. This is probably not workable because David would remain as a symbol of what Labour excluding the Unions really wanted, then if things go badly wrong at the next election the party would become split, and polarised about the two brothers.

David Miliband would have to be some super human being to be able to work for his younger brother, no matter how much they kiss and cuddle in public, privately this has to hurt and hurt a lot.

When the elder Miliband was speaking the look in Ed’s eyes was akin to a rabbit caught in the headlights, as the dawn of realisation hit home that he was presiding over the death of his brothers political career, and that most importantly, he Ed Miliband had unwittingly killed that career.

David Miliband had his chance to get rid of Gordon Brown and replace him as Labour Party leader, and like Brown, David Miliband bottled it. How he must wish that he had been born with a decent set of balls.

Miliband,D has in the past been tipped for move to the EU parliament if his Labour leadership bid failed so expect an announcement on Wednesday that David Miliband has become some sort of EU commissioner, Czar, despot or whatever title the EU gravy train uses these days.

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  1. IF his own flesh & blood decides that he can’t work with/support MiliBLAND (E), then sure as eggs is eggs neither will the electorate nor much of the labia MPs.

  2. EU gravy Train, with his eyes on the EU leadership I reckon

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