The End Of Another Stupid Green Idea – M4 Bus Lane To Be Scrapped

The end of a pointless Church of Climatology idea

The brain child of Lord Fat Bastard of Bus Lane is to be scrapped, the M4 bus lane hated by motorists for years will soon be just another bad  memory from the New Labour experiment.

Another ill-conceived idea pandering to vocal Green minorities, the M4 bus lane was supposed to reduce congestion in London and force commuters on to public transport irrespective of, it being viable to travel to your place work by public transport. The real practicalities of the situation mean nothing, this was a politically motivated act, because Prescott and Labour believed at the time that Climate Change religion was a vote winner, and of course to be an effective Labour politician one must always pander to vocal minorities.

In September 2009 the BBC were upset becaue the M4 Bus Lane was hardly being enforced, which must have struck fear into the pension funds of Harrabin, Black and the other BBC AGW propagandists we pay for.

Phil Hammod, the Transport Secretary will announce on Monday that 3.5 mile waste of a motorway lane will cease on Christmas Eve this year, reopen for the Olympics and then be consigned to the landfill of history.

“Nothing is more symbolic of Labour’s war on the motorist than the M4 bus lane,” Hammond will say. “It was John Prescott’s idea and I think that says it all.

“I can announce today that from the end of December until the Olympics the M4 bus lane will be suspended. And once the Olympics are over, my intention is to scrap it permanently.”

The director of the RAC Foundation, Stephen Glaister, said he backed the move.

Whats the betting that a certain Jeremy Clarkson is dancing for joy at Dunsfold aerodrome as Aardvark writes this?

Of course what pleases some people upsets others and the eco-mentalists at Friends of the Earth, who had a significant influence on policy under the regime of Gordon Brown are deeply upset by this:

Friends of the Earth’s London campaigner, Jenny Bates, said scrapping the lane would encourage more traffic on to the M4.

“This will threaten to raise emissions and air pollution when London is not on track to meet its target for tackling climate change nor for bringing air pollution within legal EU limits,” she said. The Guardian

A predictable response from the bunny molesters, but it is difficult to see how increasing the capacity of the M4 as it approaches London by one third will increase pollution as there will be fewer cars sitting still in the traffic jam as traffic will flow better.

Some people will change their method of commuting but the vast majority will make no change to their daily commute. As someone who commuted to London from Surrey for 10 years Aardvark knows that commuters try all the options until they find the easiest and cheapest way to commute daily, once found they stick to this method.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. I don’t think that doing away with the bus lane will make one iota of difference as far as pollution is concerned. Before the bus lane there was a single bottleneck at the west end of the Chiswick flyover. Now there are two, that one and a second one at the start of the bus lane at Heston. I doubt very much that traffic will flow any better after its removal.

    However, dismantling anything that Prescott created has got to be good idea. Bring it on.

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