A Plan So Cunning You Could Call It Warmist Propaganda Backfires

How the mighty have fallen and lost their way in their blind support for Anthropogenic Global Warming, Richard Curtis part of a gifted comedy team that brought us many great comedy series, including Blackadder has fucked up in an absolute monumental scale with this ill judged short film.

Environmentalists have condemned the film as bad taste, not sending the right message, when in reality the eco-mentalists have created one their biggest fuckups ever, the film shows the true mindset and determination of these people.

This reaction to this film has reverberated around the world, Jo Nova in Australia:

My Challenge to Green groups: Call off your attack dogs.

For peace loving environmentalists, you may not have asked for this, but your true colors are being tested and the test comes from within. The challenge goes out to the Greens, Greenpeace, WWF, The Wilderness Society, CAN and the Sierra Club. Will you allow your sychophant totalitarian bullies to push these death-threats under the guise of joke, or will you stand up for human-rights, for peace, for non-violent answers – and denounce 10:10 and demand it’s immediate dissolution? Do environmentalists dream of violent deaths of the children of those who disagree? Unless you issue clear official statements that you are appalled by the 10:10 threats, that this kind of sicko-psycho intimidation is dangerous and uncivilized, then we mark you as tacitly approving. It only takes one written press release for your organisation to make its stance clear. What say ye?

Can the Greens control their own bullies, or do the bullies show us the real side of the green-meme: The tribe wanting global control, whatever it takes, no matter who stands in their way.

Please post this challenge on Green sites around the world. Lets see which groups have attack dogs, and which groups ARE attack dogs?

About Tory Aardvark

Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. http://toryaardvark.com @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Thanks Tory! Spread the word. 10:10 have no credibility left – what a poison pen…


  2. CIAC (Curtis is a Cunt)..as is Robinson…

    Sociallistic fuckbags.

    • Did you know that warming alarmist Tony Robinsons personal car is a Range Rover TDV8 LRO ran a feature on Time Team a few months ago and Baldrick was pictured in his “environmental holocaust”, well that’s what they are called when I owned an RR

  3. I found you through Aardvarks and Asshats. Nice to find a blog where I can keep up with Brit politics 🙂

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