George Osborne Axes Child Benefit For High Earners

George Osborne announces major changes to the benefits system

About time, how could anyone in all seriousness, justify Child Benefit payments to people who earn in excess of £44,000 a year, when the national average wage is £25,000.

There is something very wrong about a system that pays benefits to people on higher rate tax, there can be no moral justification for this at all, the political justification was Labour believed that these handouts proved they cared about Middle England.

Another milestone in common sense is that no one on benefits can received more per year than the national average wage, which reinforces that message that work pays.

Labour’s legacy: George Osborne’s speech began with a reprisal of his favourite economic lines. Labour didn’t fix the roof when the sun was shining, he said. Like every Labour government in the past, Brown and Blair left the economy in heavy debt. At the next election Britain must not give the financial keys back to the people who crashed the economic car.

The choice is between the national interest and the vested interest: The national interest is to cut the debt or we’ll be paying interest on interest on interest for years. Interest to foreign governments so that they can build schools that we can’t afford. From the IMF to the CBI the Coalition’s deficit reduction programme is supported. Only the unions who installed Ed Miliband as leader support his economic approach.

The wealthy must bear the lion’s share of deficit reduction: We’ve stuck with the 50p tax rate, raised Capital Gains Tax and imposed a bank on taxes so that those most able to pay can shoulder the lion’s share of the burden of deficit reduction. Tax evasion is morally indefensible. Confirming the new limit on child benefit, he said it is very difficult to justify taxing people on low incomes to pay for people on high incomes to receive child benefit. Full Story ConservativeHome

The reaction from Ed Milibands Labour Party should be interesting, all that remains to be seen, is if they attempt to defend the indefensible.

Updated 13:54 GMT

There is a reaction from the Labtards, in the Daily Mirror which likens the changes in the benefit system to the Highland Clearances, yes seriously Aardvark is not making this up.

George Osborne has just announced the grossest act of social engineering since the Highland Clearances.

Surely the grossest act of social engineering was the Labour governments unfettered immigration policy that forever change the makeup of Britain.

It works like this. You are a family of five (a couple with two children) who require housing benefit to stay in your community in Chelsea.

You are a family of five (a couple with two children) Surely a couple with two chidren = four (4) people not five. Given maths skills like these it is easy to see why Labour always screw up the economy

If you want a good laugh you can read the rest of the crap here.

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  1. This is a strong policy & I do agree with it..on principle.
    Even as it means that me & Mrs Jend will be down by £1.5k a year.
    Hopefully, GO will increase the threshold for 40% tax by 2013 anyway 🙂
    My policy would be to limit Child Benefit to the first 2 children (regardless of personal circumstances & likewise with any family tax credits too).

  2. Peter Reynolds

    “The Highland Clearances”

    Rob Roy, Liam Neeson, great movie.

    A bit of droit de seigneur never hurt anyone except the peasants. I say, let them keep their child benefit and put a bit of meat on their daughters for next time.

    Young Georgey Porgey is only talking common sense.

  3. that fuckwit from the Mirror has corrected his sums..
    What an odious little fuckwit he is.

  4. HughJ

    He’s also illiterate:

    Under Mr Osborne’s new rules, he will limit they amount they can get from the state.

  5. Peter L. Griffiths

    The untaxed child benefit should possibly be renamed the housing benefit and be extended and paid to all adults in replacement of the personal tax allowance.

  6. Peter L. Griffiths

    The educational implications of the Coalition’s child benefit policies are bureaucracy gone mad with subtle distinctions between advanced (roughly vocational and including university degrees) education where child benefit cannot be claimed, and non-advanced education (roughly non-vocational, but including A Levels) where it can be claimed. A universal housing benefit should be introduced instead.

  7. Peter L. Griffiths

    Further to my comments of 9 January 2013, economic progress means that labour is being replaced by capital and other devices. In response, the progressive personal tax system should be separated from the benefit system based on a housing benefit for all including children as well as age and disabilities.

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