10:10 And The Splattergate Backlash Gets Serious

An excellent clip on the American reaction to the 10:10 lets blow up the kids movie, Sony are distancing themselves from the climate lunatics at 10:10, 350.org have walked.

In Australia, the always excellent Jo Nova in her latest blog has this to say “If 10:10 made the shocking kill-your-kids movie as a publicity stunt, things are going horribly wrong. This viral campaign is turning into rabies-meets-ebola (pace Dellers).

Jo’s latest blog is a collection of global reactions to the 10:10 eco child exploitation movie No Pressure and emails that have been sent to Sony, Kyocera and others.

The most telling is a comment posted on the 10:10 page by a fellow warming alarmist:

g2g8:14 pm
You f—ing idiots. This wasn’t an “own goal,” you just machine gunned your own bloody team.

Speaking here as an American with a carbon footprint less than 50% of that of the average American: 150 KWH/month electricity, one tank of gas per month, telecommute 3 – 4 days a week, and two kilos of solid waste output per week including recycling.

Your apology was half-assed.

You ought to take a dose of your own medicine and figuratively *splat!* yourselves: 10:10 deserves to GO OUT OF BUSINESS for that one. Fire everyone involved and cancel their benefits, fold up the organization, sell your assets, and donate the proceeds to groups that are doing some real good.

THERE WAS AND IS NO EXCUSE for what you did. NONE.

The people who did this should be permanently banned from any further involvement in any part of the sustainability movement.H/T Jo Nova

If Aardvark may paraphrase Marlon Brando from Apocalypse Now “What do they call it when the fucking idiots accuse the fucking idiots?

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. http://toryaardvark.com @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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