Bonfire Of The Quangos

192 Quangos to be removed

The Quango (quasi-autonomous national government organisation) so beloved of Gordon Brown and Labour as yet another way to control and “nanny” our lives has had it’s day, 192 totally pointless Labour created Quangos are set for the scrap heap.

According to the Cabinet Office, 192 are to be scrapped entirely and 481 to be reformed.

Francis Maude gives the following as abolition examples –

– Devolving responsibility for the work of Development Corporations to local government;

– Bringing organisations under more direct Ministerial control, such as the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission, Renewable Fuels Agency and, as previously announced, the Appointments Commission; and

– Enabling organisations, such as the Design Council and the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA), to become charities.

Labour have a lot to answer for with waste of the Qunagos, the six figure salaries the quangocrats were getting and all for doing a non job, there are 26 overlapping Quangos dealing with education for example.

“We know that for a long time there has been a huge hunger for change. People have been fed up with the old way of doing business, where the Ministers they voted for could often avoid taking responsibility for difficult and tough decisions by creating or hiding behind one of these quangos.

“Today’s announcement means that many important and essential functions will be brought back into departments meaning the line of accountability will run right up to the very top where it always should have been.” Full Story Conservative Home

The BBC, the biggest Quango of the lot, is discussing the abolition on the Jeremy Vine show and naturally asking loaded questions if it is a good idea to abolish them.

It is only a question time until the BBC is in the frame and that can’t be soon enough.

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  1. It’s a start! Lets hope for another 200 next year!

  2. So it’s goodbye the Sausage Information Council and the Zebra Crossing Advisory Board.

    good riddance,

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