Labour MP Kerry McCarthy Cautioned For Electoral Fraud

The law and Labour MPs were never comfortable partners

Yet another Labour MP falls foul of the law, this time its Bristol East MP Kerry McCarthy. Labour Twitter Czar and Election Fraudster, as McCarthy has been cautioned lets run that one more time: Labour MP Kerry McCarthy is an Election Fraudster.

In the run up to the General Election McCarthy, a former solicitor tweeted the results of postal votes counted so far, and despite a shit storm that followed, McCarthy followed the example of another Labour Law Breaker, Patricia Scotland and toughed it out by not resigning.

A spokesman for Avon and Somerset Police said: “Police have confirmed that they have cautioned a man and a woman, both from Bristol, following an investigation into alleged election fraud earlier this year under the Representation of the People Act 1983.”

The maximum punishment for breaking this law is six months imprisonment or a fine of £5,000.

So what we now have is a sitting MP guilty of Electoral Fraud, there must be an immediate by election in Bristol East and McCarthy deselected for Electoral Fraud, well that would happen if the words integrity and Labour Party were not oxymoronic.

It remains to be seen if the Labour Party of Ed Miliband has any more integrity than the failed regime of Gordon Brown, Aardvark would be holding his breath.

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  1. Bear in mind, of course, that a caution counts as a Criminal Conviction. I’ll bet the MP for Mogadishu East doesn’t like that very much.

  2. Christ, a picture like Hammer house of horrors. If it rains she must drown from water caught in her banana jaw.

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