Sky Pulls The Plug On Their Discussion Boards

Sky News Web Site Announces that “Sky have closed their discussion boards

Aardvark is taking a moment to wipe a nostalgic tear from his eye with the news that Sky’s discussion forums for wannabe jihadis, labtards, climatetards and trolls is no more.

It was the never ending censorship of any political posts that criticised Gordon Brown that caused this blog to come about, for a while it was possible to have a sensible discussion but as Gordon Browns ratings crashed the Labtard trolls pushed the party propganda sound byte by tortouous sound byte. The automated complaints system effectively allowed posters of different political beliefs to censor posts by simply complaining about them.

There was one Labour troll that pretended to have a son serving in the army, this “virtual” son approved of everything Gordon Brown did for to our armed forces, pathetic cock sucker springs to mind, but then Aardvarks does not want offend pathetic cock suckers.

This person really was the sterotypical Labtard, so much so that Vauge (which rhymes with Craig) was subject of a post all of his own Climategate A Zombie From The Church Of Climatology Speaks

As Brown withered and died in the polls so the troll posts increased and post the General Election it was all just pointless vitriol, a good laugh for a 5 minute read once a month but you cant debate with morons.

Villages and bridges that were so long without their idiots and trolls can rest easy, they will be home very soon.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. laughing my tits off! I see the labour loyal and the dense lefties are blaming the baby eating right wingers for it to! Just shows how delusional they are I suppose. Oh well was fun while it lasted

  2. Typical Sky. Just closed. No reason given, No announcement that it had even happened.
    Not a great loss though especially given the last few weeks. I prefer proper email distribution lists anyway..

    • Not surprising as you said given the last few weeks, no point in posting at all but a really good laugh reading it.

      Not sure if some were true believers of just trolls dicking about

  3. I’m sure that those pathetic scotchtards, fuckwits etc will be dropping on here to have a looksy- then running away like girls & later weeping into their giro funded Buckfast- whilst they await their dealer to deliver their wrap of smack!
    What will the serial sex fiend MB (JC) do now for nightly entertainment?

    Note to all…
    I’ve shut down my FB account (for now) those who ‘know’ me will get an invite to be my ‘friend’ in due course!!

    • I can think of 3 that may be having a little go as I have just added my 2 pennath on another article, didn’t see this one. sorry
      but in for a penny in for a pound.

  4. Dammit if I don’t find a Socialist soon I may forget just how ridiculous they are! Well maybe not. There is always fucking Polly whatserface!

  5. better still to smash their heads against a wall.

  6. It is a shame that the vitriol posting abusers won the day. This site is fine, (and nearer my political stance), but it is a blog; on a discussion forum the poster can post their own threads i.e. they can start any discussion they please. It is that I will miss.

    However, I certainly won’t miss the idiotic vile abuse posted by, I was going to say the minority, but towards the end I think it was the majority. Abuse serves no purpose, apart from to attract attention to your lack of debating skills. Why so many (even on this site I notice) have to use terms such as ‘boid’ ‘labtard’ defeats me, surely it is much better to stick to the topic and beat them with facts? After all to anyone with a modicum of knowledge most of the facts support the Conservative stance.

    What really finished Sky’s discussion forum imho though was the libellous posts over that last few months. Groucho6 and the Scrat dynasty (he was banned at least 3 times) were the worst offenders, especially in relation to Lord Ashcroft falsely accusing him of tax avoidance and many other offences. The individual poster could hide behind anonymity; however Sky as a Corporation would be equally liable and could not so hide.

    • What made me laugh was when they got their idiotic rubbish pulled we got half a dozen threads blaming anyone who disagreed with them for it. Hair pulling stupidity. And like you say the whole libellous issue to boot. I do wonder if there was something strange going on in the UK News section as well, Seemed like a well crazy place in there!

      And do pardon any vitriol on my part man. Should hear me at work lol!

      • The UK News section was downright weird. The Madeleine thread(s) were at best incestous and at worst open gang warfare. In general however the amount of fiendish abuse was to my mind intolerable, people posting about invented incestuous relationships within another posters family meeting in rl for fights. TBH thinking about it, if I was a moderator, I would have closed the site just due to the UK news forum.

        Then you had the wondering certifiables Lucien and Geta, to say nothing of the Islamophobes and racists.

        It is sad that the Conservative supporters did not cover themselves entirely in glory, there was a fair amount of outright racist abuse from ‘our own’ Bliar, I don’t mean debating immigration, I just mean plain and simple racist / islamophobic abuse.

        It is hard to take the moral high ground with such posters, and yes, I do have my suspicions that ‘he’ may have an ID on this blog.

        On the positive, Sir Edmund Moletrousers and Bellemadge were a breath of fresh air and a privilege to post alongside.

  7. Lord Edmund Moletrouser

    Thanks for the kind comment, Ilona Song. The sentiment is reciprocated.

    I shall miss the rough and tumble of debate, but I was hardly surprised when Sky pulled the plug on the whole thing. I had tried to warn Scrat, Groucho and, before he was banned yet again, Joydivision that the most likely censors of their posts and threads were Sky ‘s moderating team. Obscenities apart, the repeated gross libels on Ashcroft and, latterly Nadine Dorries, could hardly be tolerated by Sky because, as publishers, they were just as liable in law as the actual author of the offending and defamatory post. And unlike posters who enjoy the cloak of anonymity, Sky are both identifiable and have the resources that could make the attention Messrs Sue, Grabbitt & Runne both worthwhile and profitable.

    My other theory was that using their multiple IDs, they were both reporting themselves and deleting their own threads and posts in order to build up an image of “victimhood” in the face of their serial barring by Sky, and also to justify complaint after complaint that “right wingers” were robbing of them of their right of freedom of speech.

    I would think that a suitable analogy would be the Nazis’ burning of their own Reichstag in order to throw the blame on the Communists.

  8. IS, when the ‘tards’ took it upon themselves to edit responses & post lies in order to try to win a debate- then you are on a hiding to nothing.
    I came off that site sometime back now & that was it.
    A friend of us all did give me the low down of the idiocy that was still taking place on SLY.

    There is no doubt that posters deleted their own posts & cried ‘wolf’.

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