Biodiversity Is The New Global Warming

Biodiversity the new Global Warming scam and about as successful as the old scam

There is an increasing trend in newspapers like The New York Times and The Guardian to try the old business as usual ploy that failed so badly at Copenhagen last year. It is almost as if the journalists concerned have been in hibernation since Gordon Brown led Al Gore into a broom cupboard.

In todays Guardian there is a total time warp piece from Jonathan Watts about the Biodiversity COP10 scam in Nagoya where the warming alarmists are busily repackaging their AGW scam as new dose of fear regarding species extinction. The cause you will be relieved to hear is naturally man made climate change.

The usual suspects for the warming alarmists get slapped, Western European nations, Canada and that great satan the USA, who has never signed up to the Convention on Biodiversity.

Watts largely compares the car crash in Nagoya with Copenhagen fiasco and whines there is less progress than Copenhagen and there is only a week to go before it ends.

The best bit of the whole article is where Watts bemoans there is no political A team in reserve like the political A team that flew into Copenhagen and failed.

Last year in Copenhagen, we were waiting for Barack Obama, Wen Jiabao, Gordon Brown, Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy to fly in and save the day, but even that political A-team was barely able to cobble together a hodgepodge, watered-down accord.

Watts wonders why they failed, Obama the worst President since, and possibly dumber than even Jimmy Carter, Gordon Brown his record speaks for itself, Sarkozy all wind and no piss; the only leader worth anything was Merkel and she had already abandoned Climate Religon before Copenhagen started.

But, unless a huge amount of progress is made this week, the likelihood once again at an UN environment conference is of no deal, a weak deal, or putting off the big decision until the next conference. Anyone for more déjà vu in India in 2012?

About Tory Aardvark

Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. They never fail to be totally predictable, TA, their tame Lefty journalists were dropping so many hints it was obvious months ago that this was going to be their “new” angle – but they are pissing against the wind – hardly anyone believes a word they say any more. Great news about COP10, too. 😛

  2. Peter Reynolds

    Sorry chaps but in my humble opinion your opposition to the ideas about climate change and biodiversity is so extreme and over the top that you are guilty of exactly what you complain about.

    I’m not prepared to accept science that is corrupted by the necessity to confirm next year’s research grant but neither am I prepared to accept your equally indefensible position that all the science about climate change and biodiversity is wrong.

    Have you never considered that there might be a middle way which is far more likely to be both true and wise?

    • Hi Peter

      I believe in Climate Change, just not the Mann made climate change of IPCC, Al Gore, Ed Miliband and Gordon Brown.

      I will let up on the warming alarmists when they start afresh, respond to FoI requests and stop writing their programs with kludges in to fix the results, as someone who has been in the computer industry for many years, I write 15 programming languages including PERL. I also have all the Climategfate emails and program sources.

      The whole thing was a crock of shit from Brown with 50 days to save the world, King Hussein and his settled science, the plan one world socialist government and wealth redistribution.

      Labour sold the New Labour lie, Biodiversity is the AGW lie resold.

      If they were to start afresh with real scientists, real science and the IPCC headed up by a scientist not a railway engineer then my mind would open and review their arguments and evidence, as however they are still using the same junk science as the basis for their conjecture, nothing has changed.

  3. You are really well informed on this subject and put us all to shame.

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