Fear And Loathing In Obama Land

The Clinton's prepare the death blow for Obama

Hunter S. Thompson most famous for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, wrote many other works, among them a book called The Great Shark Hunt which covered a range of political issues including Jimmy Carter and cocaine. Jimmy Carter had been reckoned to be the worst and dumbest US President of modern times, until a certain Barack Hussein Obama became US President.

Remember how the political sharks sensing the blood of Gordon Brown in the political waters began to circle until they realised they were not sharks, as sharks have a backbone which is not an accusation that could be levelled at any of Gordon Browns cabinet colleagues. Politicians are little different to sharks in behaviour or outlook, the big difference is the sharks in the USA have backbone and balls.

Obama now commands 39% approval rating from the US public which means in the Democrat camp they are briefing against their party leader and President who will receive the American publics view of 2 years of Obamas socialist experiment, at the polls next Tuesday. Expect a defeat of Gordon Brown proportions and curse of Jonah Brown attaches itself to Obama.

Byron York wonders here whether Bill Clinton wants Democrats to win next Tuesday. That may be going too far but he is certainly onto something when he suggests that (the) Clinton(s) has/have (politically speaking, they’re inseparable) a double agenda right now. As I reported a couple of weeks ago, Bill himself has stated that his principal motivation for going on the campaign trail was to thank those who had supported his wife against Obama.

One can only wonder if Peter Mandelson is advising the Clintons.

So it is noteworthy that Bill is apparently about to campaign for Frank Caprio, the Rhode Island gubernatorial candidate who this week told Obama he could “shove it” after the President declined to endorse him. Caprio was an early supporter of Hillary for President, according to the Providence-Journal. In November 2007 he attended an East Greenwich fundraiser that netted $300,000 for her. As early as April 2006, Caprio was hanging out in bar with Bill as Hillary made the first moves for her ill-fated White House run.

The big question is will the Democrats be a tainted brand in the same way that Labour post Gordon Brown is?

Of course, it’s not impossible that Obama, badly damaged by the mid-terms and sick of the distinct lack of the adoration he’s always been used to, will do an LBJ and decide not to run in 2012. I’ve long wondered whether his heart is in getting re-elected. In mid-September, a “big-time Democrat” told Politico’s Roger Simon that 2010 was already lost:

“It is gone. He must now concentrate on saving 2012. But the biggest fear of some of those close to him is that he might not really want to go on in 2012, that he might not really care.”

In the event that Obama decides not to run for re-election, Hillary becomes the immediate Democratic front runner. H/T Toby Harnden

Truth can be stranger than fiction and the way real events have randomly conspired to to put Obama and the Democrats in the position they are now in, is just random chance which is no reason not to enjoy the end of Obama and his brand of socialism.

Brown and Obama share a lot in common; a rapid fall from grace and an almost fanatical desire to destroy their countries in the name of warming alarmism and Global Socialism. In the last months of Gordon Browns regime Obama described Browns government as having the smell of death about it, Obama must surely recognise the smell on Capitol Hill.

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  1. Never have I heard of an U.S president fall so quickly out of favour with the people. From other writings I gather that he does not take the presidency seriously. Now this is absolutely shocking for him to think that now he has made it there is nothing more for him to achieve. This attitude is very detrimental to the highest office in the world. It is no wonder the people in America can’t wait to see the back of this buffoon.

  2. I still have a soft spot for Obama, if for no other reason than he got rid of, imho, the worst and dumbest President of the US and perhaps of any nation on Earth, George Dubya. I still find it intriquing how that man could breathe and stand simultaneously with such a low I.Q.!

    Of course his (Obama’s) policies are almost certainly damaging the US economy, but I can see some advantages to that, especially with China moving up in the world economy ladder to second. Then again with my upcoming migration to China I am somewhat biased.

    • Within 6 months of Omaha entering office, he was greeted by the sound of his minions impersonating guns being cocked- as he wandered through the corridors of the White House.
      Sure Bush was piss poor..this one is no different.

  3. Obama a socialist? Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
    you got no idea

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