The Labour Party Just Bitter And Nasty

Labour Councillor Florence Anderson Thatcher should burn in hell

What is it about Labour deputy leaders of the female persuasion that makes them so bitter and nasty?

Everyone of them does the standard Labtard impersonation of a bulldog licking piss off of stinging nettles as an every day facial expression.

The latest Labtard trout faced bat to join in, is the deputy Labour Leader of Sunderland Council Florence Anderson who wants Margaret Thatcher “to burn in hell”.

Just consider the outcry if a Conservative were to say “I hope Gordon Brown drowns in a giant vat of Chicken Shit” which quite frankly is far to good a fate for that cunt.

Wizend shrew calls ginger man a red squirrel

Meanwhile at the Scottish Labtard gathering the deputy leader of the Labtard Party, Harriet Harman was making personally abusive remarks about a ginger cunt from the LibDems, on the face of it nothing wrong with that, but and dear reader it is a fucking big butt Harriets arse but, it is Harriet Harman and much as Aardvark despises the Vichy Coalition Government this is an attack on a government minister for no good reason other than he has an extra chromosome which makes his a hair flame red in colour.

Typically hypocritical for a Labour minister who personally piloted her Equality Bill on to the Statue books to indulge in “Gingerism”, and equally fucking stupid as Scotland is awash with ginger cunts who fuelled up with methadone and deep fried Mars bars on Saturday are going to be looking for payback for the insults from the Sassenach Whoor.

Harman has since apologised via a third party as speaking to the clans is beneath a champagne socialist from London, the biq question remains however, when will Scotland apologise for Gordon Brown?

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  1. I was listening to Nolan on R5 last night.
    A labtard shemale plant came on ..suggesting that HarPRICK’s remarks were hilarious!!
    I’ve said for many a year that a leftish brain (sic) has zero concept of humour..Ben Elton & Jeremy Hardy spring to mind.
    I have no issue with anyone calling anyone ‘names’..but only if they would repeat it to their ‘victim’.

    However…this could just be the start.
    HarPRICK is now well & truly off her leash & will continue to make a complete arse of herself over the next few years!

    Labia were beginning to make some ground over DC ‘caving in’ to Europe over the proposed spending increase (the one where 5 Labia MEPs refused to vote for a freeze) ever they’ve fucked it up.

  2. Fine for lefties to wish death and suffering on their foes, but lord forbid anyone say anything bad about their precious benefit scroungers

  3. Neil, it is so strange, but you are dead right about this. I campaigned for Boris (vigorously) when he was first running for Mayor, and some of the vile, downright evil things people said about him and also to us, if we were supporting him, were truly shocking.

    I am finding the same thing now. Ken supporters will tell you to f….. yourself if you engage in reasonable dialogue. They frequently lie as well, particularly about the Boris bike. All Ken did about this was dream about it, he did NOTHING, but his supporters blatantly lie he worked out the whole scheme and all Boris did was downgrade it! A TOTAL TOTAL LIE!!!! Boris had that bike designed to his requirments and it is totally his achievement.

    If you point this out and give evidence they go ape, and become viciously abusive. No Boris supporter would ever behave like that, swear, lie or be so nasty.

    • Doubtless we will get around to having a swipe at Ken, its just kind of busy now with Fear and Loathing in Obamaville and a Gordon Brown style defeat for King Hussein on Tuesday, and then at the end of the month the warming alarmists are getting together in Cancun to try and refloat the idea of us giving all our money away to Mugabe, Chavez, Castro and a bunch of other dictators

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