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Voters Need The Right To Switch Councils

Local Government needs a very big shake up, and councillors and people who work for most councils need to be reminded that they are public servants, here to serve us the public, not to lay down the the law to us.

There is talk about legislation for voters to have the right of recall for their MP and it would make sense to apply the same right for voters for Local Government.

One of the most common complaints about local democracy is the time it can take to change things. If you don’t like a policy or even a whole council leadership, it can take years to unseat councillors or drive your message home to the powers that be. Read the rest of this entry

Gordon Brown Warming Alarmism Makes Economic Sense

50 days to save the world, er no fear fear, flat eathers, science deniers makes economic sense

There is quite often a vastly different perception in a politicians standing in his own country, when viewed from abroad. Today is 10/10/10 and the warming alarmists are taking a day off from producing exploitive and degrading images of children to bother rabbits and molest trees.

On such an auspicious day no other than Gordon Brown has come out with yet another message about Climate Change and the eco mentalists at the Huffington Post seem to think this is the endorsement of a lifetime, because former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has spoken in favour of the ManBearPig religion again, see what Aardvark means about a difference in perception. Read the rest of this entry

Warming Alarmism Is Now A Dead Political Force In Britain

The organ grinder and his monkey peddling AGW lies in 2009

Just over 11 months ago Gordon Brown appeared on our TV screens pushing the fear and junk science of Anthropogenic Global Warming, there were according to the man who abolished “boom and bust”, just 50 days to save the world. Events have proved that this statement made about as much sense as the abolition of boom and bust lie.

The warming alarmists applauded loudly, WWF and Friends of the Earth though all their Christmas’s were coming every year for ever more, Chavez and Mugabe were on the verge of ordering their Bugatti Veyrons with all the money the west was going to give them and then Climategate burst upon the scene and the rest is history.

As the Church of Climatology withered and died it was Ed Miliband and Labour that tried to keep the scam alive as a political force, Harriet Harpie just prior to the General Election Read the rest of this entry

Keep Your Children At Home On 10/10/10

October 10th 2010 is the 10:10 child abusers day of action where eco-terrorists, Church of Climatology fuckwits and other assorted mentally retarded souls will be doing positive action to save us from a non existent threat.

All sorts of pointless eco gestures will take place across the planet: Read the rest of this entry

Labours Shadow Cabinet Announced

Forrest Gump has announced his Shadow Cabinet, appointing Alan Johnson as Shadow Chancellor in a surprise move either aimed at keeping those tainted with the smell of Gordon Brown away from the finances, or Ed Miliband has branched out in to saving marriages by giving Cooper and Balls roughly equal jobs.

The big disappointment being Milibland giving a job to that self-serving overly smug twat Peter Hain.

  • Alan Johnson – Shadow Chancellor (up against George Osborne)
  • Ed Balls – Shadow Home Secretary (up against Theresa May)
  • Yvette Cooper – Shadow Foreign Secretary (up against William Hague)
  • Harriet Harman (automatically in Shadow Cabinet as Deputy Leader) – Shadow Secretary of State for International Development (up against Andrew Mitchell)
  • Read the rest of this entry

    Ed Balls To Quit Politics And Become A Stepford Wife

    It been a while since Aardvark heard the news about the results of the Labtard Shadow Cabinet elections, it has taken this long for him to stop laughing and be able to type.

    Ed Balls beaten soundly into third place and considerably less popular than the radiant Yvette, who can normally be found doing passable imitations of a bulldog licking piss off of stinging nettles.

    Ed has since tweeted that “they are both vpleased with the result” though one suspects that one partner is probably a lot more vpleased than the other Read the rest of this entry

    Ed Balls, It Could Soon Be Ed Eunuch

    The next family to become a casualty of Labours selection process?

    Hot news from Left Foot Forward Mrs Ed Balls aka Yvette Cooper is hot favourite to get the job of Shadow Chancellor, a job her husband desperately wants.

    Sources close to Ed Miliband suggest that Cooper is considered to be the safer choice of the pair.

    It gets worse for Ed Eunuch Balls though: Read the rest of this entry

    More Child Exploitation From The Warming Alarmists

    Exactly what sort of weird, twisted and perverted mindset exploits children by making them explode in warming alarmist movies or as in this sick piece of advertising hanging them?

    The answer the Warming Alarmists who will stop at nothing to force their will on us all.

    You might think that image above is as low as they can go, well sadly you would be wrong; ACT Responsible are the latest eco-warriors to join in this disturbing trend Read the rest of this entry

    Hide The Decline II

    A follow up to the viral hit Hide The Decline which lampooned Michael Mike Mann for his junk science and bullshit hockey stick lies.

    The original has been removed by You Tube for no really good reason, so this probably wont last long.

    More Money For Mental Heath Problems For UK Forces

    Liam Fox time to stop the national scandal of post conflict suicides

    More people who served in the Falklands War have committed suicide since the war ended, than were killed in combat operations, just think about that for a moment.

    A large number of the homeless on the streets of Britain today are ex-service people, people who have fought for us will tonight bed down in a cardboard box in a shop doorway.

    The cause of all this suffering and misery can be directly traced to the effects of combat and viewing sudden violent death, on a daily basis and what happens to the individual after the war is over.

    There is very little Aardvark can find to applaud about this Coalition Government, however the news that Liam Fox is taking immediate steps to stop what he calls “the national scandal of post conflict suicides” is very good news Read the rest of this entry