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COP16 – Will The USA Walk Out?

US climate negotiator Jonathan Pershing. Photograph: Ronaldo Schemidt/AFP/Getty Images

Barely two days in to the Climate Scam conference and it is already looking doomed, with the US adopting a hard line about it’s requirements for a balanced package in any deal that may be struck at Cancun.

To a large extent US climate negotiator Jonathan Pershing has his hands tied, this is due directly to the hammering Obama took at the mid term elections.

Obama’s back door attempts to use the Environment Protection Agency for back door Climate Religion is mired in increasing legal challenges Read the rest of this entry


Eco Twats Leo And Lucy – The Carbon Foot Print Of Perfume

Lucy is worried about the carbon footprint of perfume

Leo and Lucy are what Douglas Adams called mostly harmless in the Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy.

In the global scheme of things Leo and Lucy dont rate that high in the warming alarmist movement, and their efforts to keep the Green flag flying are quite gentle and from another era, when compared to the ruthless exploitation of children by environmental groups like 10:10.

Aardvark was surprised at Lucy’s revelations about perfume, assuming that eco mentalist women were of the hairy arm pit and natural pheromone disposition Read the rest of this entry

Day 1 At COP16 Cancun

COP16 is underway; Hookers, drug dealers, limos and private jets rejoice

The COP16 Climate Change scam started at Cancun yesterday with barely a whimper.

No one eyed educationally sub normal gurning Scottish retards leading obese sex poodles into broom cupboards, no settled science messages from the Commie Jihadi in the White House, all in all, pretty quiet compared to the all pervasive Climate of Fear at Cokenhagen last year.

George Monbiot Moonbat at the Guardian is quieter than a mouse in the Church of Climatology, problem is Moonbat forget to tell those lower down the food chain at the Guardian, he no longer believes in scary stories of man made Climate Change. Read the rest of this entry

COP16 “Al Gore Is Depressed”

Al Gore is depressed and???

A small break from COP16 hysteria as Al Gore is depressed.

The last 12 months have not been good for Al, the debacle at Copenhagen virtually wiped out the Church of Climatology, they were allegations about the Evangelist Preacher sex poodling and then Al with drew to lick his wounds and regroup.

Carbon trading ceased in the US, although Al is rumoured to have made US $68 million out of the Chicago Carbon Exchange which has since closed down, here endeth Cap n Trade in the US.

Now Reuters report Read the rest of this entry

COP16 Hysteria “A Billion People Will Lose Homes Due To Climate Change”

Climate of Fear - COP16 1 Billion Homes Flooded

The all pervasive climate of fear from Copenhagen has resurfaced in Cancun with new tales of terror and worry.

Its all doom and gloom according to the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, within 90 years 15% of the planets population will have their homes flooded, because of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

An improvement on last years Gordon Brown comedy performance of 50 days to save the world, polar bears falling from the Sky and the  complete lunacy of Hopenhagen. Read the rest of this entry

COP16 Hysteria UK Met Office “World Is Warming Faster Than We Thought”

2010 is going to be the third warmest year on record

The UK Met Office has published a report today that shows that the Planet warmed up faster than expected  over the last decade,  and of the course the reason could only ever be Anthropogenic Global Warming, which is a big relief for Climate Realists who think it might just be a combination of natural phenomena.

The UK Met Office has an appalling track record in weather forecasting, or is that climate forecasting? Read the rest of this entry

MPs Want Ring Fenced Cash Freed

Why should 0.7% of GDP go abroad

We have children in poverty, there is another harsh winter on the way, more of our old will die needlessly because they are too scared to turn the thermostat up for fear of the fuel bills they cannot pay.

On the streets people who have fought for their country will die of hypothermia in shop doorways and on building sites, with all this suffering why would any sane government or nation turn its back on it’s own to pander to the one world socialist government United Nations.

We need to take care of our own first, and now at last an influential group of MP’s agree Read the rest of this entry

Quote Of The Day

The only time I ever want to see Geri Haliwell wrapped in a Union Jack again, is if she is killed in battle.

Frankie Boyle

COP16 Hysteria UN “World Is On Track For Mutually Assured Destruction”

Achim Steiner world is on track for mutually assured destruction

You can always tell when there is another Climate Change scam conference due, there is a definite change in the climate, or should that be weather?

It is all one and the same to the disciples of the Church of Climatology as the ill wind of warming alarmist fear radiates from the new scam central in Cancun.

Climategate was barely hatched and wobbly on it’s feet at Copenhagen, a year down the road and Climategate has hatched Glaciergate, IPCCgate in fact more gates than a gate shop has, the lasting damage done to the credibility of the IPCC and whole Climate Disruption scam is incalculable, Anthropogenic Global Warming is dead it just hasn’t hit the ground yet.

The Church of Climatology is in terminal decline Read the rest of this entry

COP16 Celebrities Tell Politicians You Can Make History At Cancun

The Celebrity green gesture the eco holocaust that is the Toyota Prius

The age of celebrity, wonderful isn’t it?

People wait adoringly for the prognostications of people so fucking stupid that if they were put on a life support machine it would be turned off due to brain death.

If it’s not Sting and his wizened old hag tantrically saving the Rain Forest from attack by killer dolphins, then we must endure the sanctimonious hypocrisy of Bono who wants us all to pay off the third world debt while the two faced cocksucker exploits a loop hole in Irish law so that he pays no tax on his millions.

But then hypocrisy, lies and bad briefing are the hallmarks of the Church of Climatology. Read the rest of this entry