Nancy Pelosi You’re Fired

It’s always a good day when socialism gets a good kicking at the polling booths and yesterday was a good day, a really good day.

America has voted on Barack Hussein Obama’s socialist agenda and Gordon Brown economics and the message is “enough is enough”.

The Republicans now control the House of Representatives and this means the end for Obama’s harpie Nancy Pelosi.

For people not familiar with Nancy Pelosi she is a nasty mix of Jacqui Smith, Harriet Harman, Hazel Blears, Irma Grese and Lucretia Borgia with an enormous dose of stupidity thrown in.

Since becoming Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi has presided over the most partisan, the most Progressive-Liberal and the most cowardly Congress in history. Not only that, if all of that were not bad enough, they also spent more money in the four years she reigned over the budget than any other Congress has during a four-year period, adding nearly six trillion dollars of new debt on the backs of American taxpayers. I should also add that her Congress failed miserably to pass vital legislation, such as the budget for this fiscal year, something which was due back on April 15th. Some 13 funding resolutions are still sitting on her desk waiting to be voted on. Dealing with the budget is supposed to be the primary function of Congress!

You could replace the US references with British and the same words would describe this country 6 months ago.

Tuesday’s election was less about supporting Republicans as it was about stopping the Far-Left agenda of Obama, Reid and Pelosi. They began in 2009 owning it all, the White House plus super majorities in both the House and the Senate. The Democrats could have passed any legislation they wanted to. They certainly did pass bills that the American people opposed, such as the health care take over and the carbon-climate ‘Cap & Tax’ bill.

Obama like his warming alarmist friends had it all, and even given those advantages in just 2 years Obama, Reid and Pelosi threw it all away as they pursued their far left socialist policies at the expense of the country were supposed to protect and improve.

It used to be what happened in the US today happened in Britain tomorrow, but now the situation is reversed.

The sad and worrying thing is that within 25 years the Socialists will once again hoodwink a gullible electorate, and helped by left leaning MSM outlets like the BBC take power and ruin it all again.

About Tory Aardvark

Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. The sad and worrying thing is that within 25 years the Socialists will once again hoodwink a gullible electorate, and helped by left leaning MSM outlets like the BBC take power and ruin it all again.

    Do you know, I hadn’t noticed that the UK had been mended yet? Your post suggests that everything has been fixed, but as far as I can see all this coalition have done so far is a continuation, nay an acceleration, of the crazy policies of the last lot. Now they have handed responsibility for defence of the realm to Sarko I am absolutely sure that they are guilty of treason and should escape being hung, drawn and quartered only if it can be proven that they are truely insane rather than evil bastards.

    • The UK has not been mended yet, that will take a generation once we get a real Conservative Government.

      Not quite sure how you think I think the UK’s fixed, the only thing we have fixed is having a socialist government, and thats only just as you point out.

      • …once we get a real Conservative Government.

        Ah that’s better! I obviously misinterpreted your post. My apologies.

  2. Peter Reynolds

    While America tries to sort itself out, Britain becomes France’s poodle.

    That’s it. I am no longer a Tory supporter. David Cameron is a traitor. Clegg’s his poodle and now he’s Sarkozy’s.

  3. A great victory! I only wish Reid had followed, but with the union behind you, and crooked/corrupt tactics, well. There’s still 2012. Inform yourself people and get this piece of trash out! I feel sorry for the people of Arizona. The battle is on.

  4. Pelosi may have gone, but now for the real fireworks. Obama will prove to be very dangerous now that the party used to dancing to his tune has been defeated.

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