Warming Alarmist Uses Spambot To Stifle Debate

Debate is futile hopes Warming Alarmist Nigel Leck with a spambot to stop heresy to Climate Religion

One these arrived today followed another and another, it appears Aardvarks post on Global Warming Scam – Kiribati Climate Change Conference had offended Leck’s spambot.

Leck is so sure that AGW is right that his spambot is here to protect us from our own ignorance.

What is surprising is that Leck being so stupid as to believe in Climate Religion, could on the face of it be clever enough to program via Twitter’s API, that’s Application Programming Interface for the uninitiated, but then as one software developer to another, it’s not exactly rocket science is it Nige?

A creditable effort for a warming alarmist and definitely an improvement over exploiting and degrading children but never the less still a tactic that smacks of desperation.

Nigel Leck, an Australian software developer, grew tired of debating climate realists on Twitter so he created a spambot to “wear down” his opponents. The bot, @AI_AGW, scans Twitter every five minutes looking for key phrases commonly used by those who challenge the global warming orthodoxy. It then posts one of hundreds of canned responses hoping to frustrate skeptics. CFACT’s Twitter account @CFACT (follow us!) often receives many of these unsolicited messages each day. Since the bot became active on May 26, 2010, it has sent out over 40,000 tweets, or an average of more than 240 updates per day!

A typical socialist/warming alarmist trick, stifle debate by shouting you down.

Leck’s bot is an innovative, yet appalling new tactic in the ongoing campaign by global warming proponents to stifle debate and end discussion of climate science and policy. Spamming Twitter users is a tactic that is likely to backfire, as have so many of the ploys alarmists have tried in the past. There is nothing internet users find more annoying than trolls using spam to shut down online discussions.

Over the last year we have witnessed the large-scale collapse of public trust in global warming science and policy. The warmist’s Climategate emails, relentless propagandizing, refusals to debate, carbon profiteering and lecturing by celebrities who lead lavish lifestyles while preaching austerity for the rest of us, have offended people’s intelligence and sense of fair play. Using a spambot to harass climate realists will do nothing to ingratiate the warming argument with anyone with an open mind. H/T CFACT

Whatever will the desperate warming alarmists try next?

Adult discussion? About the time it snows in Bangkok which allowing for the current global cooling trend is about 2050 when Bangkok and most of the Pacific Rim will be in a mini ice age lasting 61 years 4 months 3 days and 41 nanoseconds.

Aardvark has followed the example of the IPCC and made up both the event and the date of the fictional event happening,  following pressure from the pressure groups  “you can have the keys to my supercharged V8 when you prise them out of my cold blue fingers” and the even more powerful “What the fuck was that Panda doing in the middle of the road, have you seen the damage to my Murciélago?”

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. http://toryaardvark.com @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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