Tower Hamlets Councillor Arrested Any Comments Ken Livingstone

Shelina Akhtar arrested by Police

There is something very rotten in Tower Hamlets, it is the council regime of Lutfur Rahman and his bunch of Radical Islam Councillors.

Rahman is politically pretty toxic, so toxic that even the Labour Party wont re-admit him despite the best efforts of London Mayoral hopeful Ken Livingstone, to get Rahman reinstated in a meeting to be held on November 30th. At this point Aardvark is tempted to cry racist and anti-Islam, but then to do so would make Aardvark as much of a cunt, as the cunts that brought Political Correctness and the proliferation of words ending in “ist” and “ism” to protect people like Rahman.

One of Rahman’s leading supporters Councillor Shelina Aktar has been arrested and is also under investigation by the Council

Tower Hamlets council has confirmed that one of Lutfur Rahman’s key supporters on the council, Cllr Shelina Aktar, has been arrested. Sources allege she is also under investigation by the council for sub-letting her council flat.

The council states to Ted Jeory: “We can confirm that Councillor Shelina Aktar is still a councillor for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The matter over which she has been arrested is being investigated by the police.”

Multiple sources claim that a Rahman-supporting councillor has also in fact been convicted of an offence of fraud. Neither the police nor Councillor Aktar will confirm this and I do not know whether it is the same councillor.

By my count, this is already the third bad story for the Lutfur mayoralty in less than a month. The car-crash is happening even sooner than I expected…

H/T Andrew Gilligan

Just imagine a London run by Radical Islam loving Ken Livingstone after 2012, all the corruption and fraud and all protected by Labtards that will play the race and religion cards as soon as anyone points out this country is not Banglafuckingdesh and that the corruption and fraud that cripples most governments in the third world is not welcome in Britain, unless of course you vote Labour then you must keep pandering to your core vote.

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