Vince Cable LidDems Did Not Win Election Thus Have Not Broken Fees Promise

Saintly Vince Fable who has correctly predicted 19 of the last 2 recessions is now saying that the LidDems did not break any election promises regarding student fees as they did not win the election.

Now Vince it is has been several millenia since the LibDems were last allowed to play on the government benches in the HoC, but there is one fundamental part of the British governmental system that you seem to have overlooked, Cabinet Government.

If you turn to page 3 of the Dummies Guide to Government your were given of day 1 of the Vichy Coalition Government, you will find next to Cabinet Government an exquisite little inconvenience called Collective Responsibility. You know the bit where behind closed doors you disagree and throw your toys out the pram, but in public you all agree and take collective responsibility.

Watch Cable slither and squirm here

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