Day 1 At COP16 Cancun

COP16 is underway; Hookers, drug dealers, limos and private jets rejoice

The COP16 Climate Change scam started at Cancun yesterday with barely a whimper.

No one eyed educationally sub normal gurning Scottish retards leading obese sex poodles into broom cupboards, no settled science messages from the Commie Jihadi in the White House, all in all, pretty quiet compared to the all pervasive Climate of Fear at Cokenhagen last year.

George Monbiot Moonbat at the Guardian is quieter than a mouse in the Church of Climatology, problem is Moonbat forget to tell those lower down the food chain at the Guardian, he no longer believes in scary stories of man made Climate Change.

Where better to start that the Guardian with:

A hellish vision of a world warmed by 4C within a lifetime has been set out by an international team of scientists, who say the agonisingly slow progress of the global climate change talks that restart in Mexico today makes the so-called safe limit of 2C impossible to keep. A 4C rise in the planet’s temperature would see severe droughts across the world and millions of migrants seeking refuge as their food supplies collapse.

A hellish vision! If you can stand it full story here

Still at the Guardian:

David Cameron has refused to attend the UN climate talks in Cancún, despite a direct appeal by the Mexican chair of the conference.

Despite low expectations, at least 20 world leaders are expected to be present, the majority from Latin America.

At last David Cameron makes a sort of gesture that the AGW scam is over, but to prove his Climate Realist credentials Dave should fire the Wind God Chris Huhne before, Huhne ruins the power generation infrastructure of this country with the stupidity of wind power.

No surprise to the see the usual suspects turn up with their hands out for our money, wont be long before Marxist dictator Hugo Chavez is unleashing the silent and terrible ghost in the room.

Climate talks: We must not allow Cancún to turn into Can’tCun

Aardvark would pay serious money to have the dyslexia society rewrite that headline!

On the other side of the coin this editorial from The Washington Times speaks volumes for the disarray of Al Gore and his disciples:

Climate craziness cools in Cancun

Today, U.N. negotiators will begin two weeks of meetings in Cancun, Mexico, looking for a way to move the climate action agenda forward, impose global carbon emissions caps and compel countries to pay a series of new international taxes to underwrite environmental programs. Maybe they’ll get what they want when hell freezes over.

The mood of climate alarmists going into Cancun is decidedly downbeat. The sense of impending doom they had cultivated over the last decade or so has largely evaporated. The Climategate scandal took a severe toll on the credibility of some of the climate theology’s leading high priests, and subsequent investigations into some of the more outlandish claims on which their doomsaying was based found them to be either exaggerated or fabricated. The November demise of the Chicago Climate Exchange – which sought to transfer billions of dollars to political insiders trading in government-rigged carbon markets – signaled that there was no money in the game anymore. Last week, even Al Gore admitted his fallibility when he retracted his earlier support for ethanol fuels. The god bleeds.

Cast your mind back a year to 30th November 2009 would an MSM outlet have said Maybe they’ll get what they want when hell freezes over about Copenhagen?

A year is a long time and there are things happening in 2010 that Aardvark would not have thought possible this time last year.

About Tory Aardvark

Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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