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Vince Cable LidDems Did Not Win Election Thus Have Not Broken Fees Promise

Saintly Vince Fable who has correctly predicted 19 of the last 2 recessions is now saying that the LidDems did not break any election promises regarding student fees as they did not win the election.

Now Vince it is has been several millenia since the LibDems were last allowed to play on the government benches in the HoC, but there is one fundamental part of the British governmental system that you seem to have overlooked, Cabinet Government.

If you turn to page 3 of the Dummies Guide to Government your were given of day 1 of the Vichy Coalition Government, you will find next to Cabinet Government an exquisite little inconvenience called Collective Responsibility. You know the bit where behind closed doors you disagree and throw your toys out the pram, but in public you all agree and take collective responsibility. Read the rest of this entry

COP16 Now The Governator Has Started His Own Climate Religion

Arnold Schwarzenegger launched the R20 climate religion as his offering to the world

Earlier this year we were treated to the ridiculous fool Danny Glover, saying that Haiti earthquake tragedy was caused by Global Warming, nice try Danny but your career is in the toilet bowl and the wheels fell off the AGW bandwagon on November 20th 2009.

Now the Govenator is starting the R20 climate network to fight the non existent threat of man made Climate Change Read the rest of this entry

Help Make 1000 Miles Apart The Christmas No 1

He is the British Army’s very own Captain Corelli and industry experts are now tipping Captain Xander Rawlins ‘the Musical Captain’ to upset the odds in the race to the Xmas No.1 single.

The 25 year old Grenadier Guard will release his heart wrenching debut single 1000 Miles Apart on 13 December and it has already been marked out as a genuine top spot contender:

As Gennaro Castaldo, Head of Communications at HMV said:

“If anyone can challenge the might of Simon Cowell and the X Factor, then it may well be an artist from this background…we can see the beautiful 1000 Miles Apart as a potential dark horse for the Christmas No.1.”

Shoulder To Shoulder A New Initiative For Combat Stress

Every year, a third of ex-service men and women experience mental illness related to their time in the military.

Combat stress is a side effect of living daily with the threat of death, seeing your friends die violently and killing the enemy. Unlike a bullet or shrapnel wound Combat Stress leaves no visible marks on the person just an internal mental battle of survivors guilt, guilt at your actions, the faces of those you have killed haunt your dreams and the deaths of your friends replayed in slow motion, eventually you fear sleep becuase of the dreams.

One of the more brutal and ironic facts about war is that wars continues killing people long after the last shot was fired and everyone has gone home.

More people who saw combat in the Falklands war have committed suicide since the war ended, than were killed action. Read the rest of this entry

UN IPCC Official Admits ‘We Redistribute World’s Wealth By Climate Policy’

UN IPCC admits its all about giving our money away

For a very long time many of us Climate Change deniers have been going on about the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam and saying it’s nothing to with Climate Change it’s all about wealth redistribution and one world socialist government.

Until today the evidence was pretty overwhelming: messages of fear, the desire to silence dissent by abuse, media blackout or changing the laws to make you agree with the Green socialist/ecofacist under threat of penalty. The true hallmark of the Communist/Socialist/Facist when forcing their will on the world, the number of cries from warming alarmists wanting Climate Change denial to be a crime alongside Holocaust Denial. This why the Warming Alarmists chose the term denier for those that dont pray at the Church Of Climatology, the implication is that to deny man made Climate Change is an odious a crime as the Holocaust.

A leading member of the UN IPCC let the cat out the bag with this statement “We redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy.Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne 5.5 Million British Households Face Energy Poverty

Chris Huhne backing the most expensive energy there is while 5,500,000 homes face energy poverty

The real cost of Chicken Littles insane energy policies based solely upon Climate Religion are likely to be felt and felt very soon.

In a report U have found that 5.5 million homes in Britain are struggling to pay their energy bills as another freezing winter looms for the fifth year in a row.

Jenny Saunders, Chief Executive of the NEA, called the situation “unacceptable”. Read the rest of this entry

Tower Hamlets Councillor Arrested Any Comments Ken Livingstone

Shelina Akhtar arrested by Police

There is something very rotten in Tower Hamlets, it is the council regime of Lutfur Rahman and his bunch of Radical Islam Councillors.

Rahman is politically pretty toxic, so toxic that even the Labour Party wont re-admit him despite the best efforts of London Mayoral hopeful Ken Livingstone, to get Rahman reinstated in a meeting to be held on November 30th. At this point Aardvark is tempted to cry racist and anti-Islam, but then to do so would make Aardvark as much of a cunt, as the cunts that brought Political Correctness and the proliferation of words ending in “ist” and “ism” to protect people like Rahman.

One of Rahman’s leading supporters Councillor Shelina Aktar has been arrested and is also under investigation by the Council Read the rest of this entry

Harmans Law Gets Axed

Theresa May axes Harmans Socialism In One Clause

Harriet Harman’s Equality Act contained a clause that there was there to do nothing more than buy votes for Labour; the so called Socialism In Once Clause was supposed to divert more public to certain areas of the country deemed to be deprived by the Politburo.

Mrs May will warn that the measure could have meant public spending was “permanently” focused on deprived parts of the country.

Read the rest of this entry

Climategate 1 Year On Phil Jones Speaks

Phil Jones a year on from Climategate Is On The Offensive

H/T Jo Nova for the Phil Jones artwork.

Phil Jones now safely off of suicide watch has slithered out from underneath his stone, and Jones in both unrepentant and in fighting mood.

Jones probably believes he is off the hook after the white wash inquiry that deliberatly did not ask the right questions, but the inquiry did tell Phil he was a naughty boy to play mischevious japes on those nasty people submitting Freedom Of Information requests, by not answering them. Read the rest of this entry

Climate Change Fraud The Court Battles Begin

This coming Friday will be the first anniversary of the Climategate emails scandal that did so much damage to the AGW scam and identified climate scientists like Michael Mann at Penn State and Phil Jones at CRU as scientists with what could best be described as a political agenda.

The change in the balance of power on Capitol Hill following the American people’s verdict on Barack Obama means that Michael Mann is fast running out of protection as the people he purveyed junk science for are no longer there, or being politicians fast distancing themselves them from the AGW scam to protect their political careers.

There is a very real chance that Michael Mann could be moving from Penn State to the State Pen Read the rest of this entry