Guest Post EU “Economic Recovery Threatens Church of Climatology”

Abandon economic recovery; a glimpse of our future as seen by the EUSSR welcome to pre Agricultural Revolution Britain

Todays Guest Blogger is @Toy_Tory

After a glorious night’s sleep I woke up this morning on a high. I switched on the telly to catch up on
the world’s news after substantial distractions yesterday made me miss everything. There on BBC1
Breakfast was an item that really blasted my serenity to pieces.

A Wonder Warming Woman was informing the nation that due to the polar ice caps melting, we will
be having a couple of years of colder weather to endure before we get all damp wet and warm.

I wish they would make their minds up… As a wise man said to me “If it is hot, it’s Global Warming, if
it is cold, it’s Global Warming – I call it Weather, or is that Climate the warming alarmists cant tell the difference – but there is no money to be made then”

Continuing on from this little blip in my day, I happened upon this article from The Guardian from November 30th.

The article states

“The hoped-for emergence of the UK from its economic crisis might erode a shift
towards more sustainable lifestyles” ..

So, I now read that those businesses who have worked hard keeping our economy going and me,
aspiring to improve myself, and wanting the large house in the country does not fit with the
indoctrination that has been worked on for so long by the Warming Alarmists of the world.

Well… Shock me. The EUSSR seem to be falling over themselves to push us all into a gulag and force
feed us all horse manure as ecological bio diverse nutrition in order to continue taking our money
and giving it away to keep themselves in the unelected Palaces of Power.

Another outstanding quote from the article :

“The UK analysis, provided by the UK’s Department for
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), also warns that Britain’s increasing reliance on overseas
manufacturing to meet consumer demand will continue to cause ” ‘off-shoring” of greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts through the consumption of products and services
produced outside the UK”.

Defra, If you have that much of an issue with this. Speak to the chaps in the treasury, cut a few
taxes, and watch the businesses flood back home. But would that increase in employment cause
more people to want bigger houses again. ….Oh the dilemma. Or does the EUSSR have further
wealth distribution issues with this.

Yesterday, I happened to be somewhere when it was suggested that for any government initiative
to prove to be appealing to all businesses, it would be appropriate for the Government to lead by

I urge the EU to do this. Reduce your carbon Footprint. Reduce your waste. Reduce the
absolute waste of money, time and effort you are putting into perpetuating this AGW myth.

Reduce your socialist agenda or maybe, just maybe, the hot air you spout will cool, condense and freeze you
in your hippie existence.


A number of leading right wing lady bloggers and tweeters have kindly consented to write some more articles for this blog in the coming months following on from this great post by @Toy_Tory.

Aardvark understands that among the subjects they will comment on will be Sarah Palin and Boris Johnson, which you have to admit is pretty diverse subject matter.

About Tory Aardvark

Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. The EU have got themselves in a right old mess over AGW.

    The vast bloated unelected mega quango that is the EU has three different messages on climate scam

    1. we are all doomed becuase of CO2 and must act immediately – give our money away
    2. we might not be immediately doomed but we should still give all our money away
    3. we could still be doomed but would guys like to borrow some of our money

    Its not actually your money EUSSR, it’s ours.

  2. Good to see the occasional guest poster. I look forward to hearing from Lord Eddie soon.

    as to the cold, it was in the 20’s and sunny today as I went for a stroll with the Mrs down the beach.

    freeze you buggers, freeze

  3. to accuse all climate change disciples to be socailist left wingers is complete crap-there are many tory zealots who are also climate change zealots-its mainly greedy capitalists that are creaming off the tax benefits and subsidies available because of the climate change lies and exaggerations-the climate has always changed and always will…and I’m a Labour voter!

    • There are very few Tory zealots for what James Delingpole the marxist wealth redistribution program, not for the first time Aardvark is in total agreement with James.

      AGW was a scam in which the lett globally figurered prominiently, Brown, Miliband E, Brack Hussein Obama, Hugo Chvez, Castro…. all promient right wingers

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