Why Does The Left Hate Nadine Dorries So Much

Sarah Palin and Nadine Dorries targets for vicious Labtards

When Nadine Dorries announced on Twitter that she was appearing on BBC Question time tonight there was an immediate out pouring of what can only be described as pure unadulterated vitriol, in short its just plain nasty.

These sorts of attacks on right wing female politicians, bloggers and tweeters are all too common place, Aardvark has direct knowledge of personal sexual slurs being made against people he knows, not to mention the blue anteater who would like to set the record straight: Aardvarks don’t mate with ovine quadrupeds. Google ovine quadruped Labtard.

The picture Aardvark used to originally illustrate this point comes from a particular nasty blog that compares the ten things that Nadine and Sarah Palin have in common, dont expect a link by the way.

This picture has been removed by Aardvark because the author is complaining that picture was used without his permission despite the normal internet convention of having the authors url clearly visible on the picture, so it has been removed.

The first point this hate monger makes is “they both a have a womb and want to tell other people what to with theirs”, you can see where this is going.

The very first blog post Aardvark did on this blog was entitled “Smeargate – Labours Finest Hour which dealt with the vicious smears against Nadine Dorries, by an unclassified life form that goes by the name of Damian McBride, who incidentally was employed by then PM Gordon Brown.

The stream of hate and vitriol flows directly downwards from the top of the Labour Party to its supporters and activists.

These are three of less unpleasant Tweets about Nadine


There’s that link again Palin/Dorries, time and time again they left make this link and both women are subjected to the same hate attacks.

Aardvark would like like to float an idea, there once was a President in America called Ronald Regan who was consistently vilified by the left as barking mad, a dangerous lunatic and the usual items from the Dummy’s Guide to being a Labtard moron.

This so called madman was very popular with voters in the USA and his popularity was what frightened the left so much.

Sarah Palin is very popular in the USA, yes she can seem a bit eccentric when viewed from Britain, but in America she is very much the norm, where remember that most US citizens dont have a passport and those that do, when abroad often refer to their country as “The World”.

In Britain Nadine Dorries frightens the left,  who use every opportunity to smear and discredit her, which proves she frightens them.

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  1. It may have something to do with her taking money off them in a lawsuit.

    We know how much Labtards love their money, while happy to spend others.

    the homophobia, racisim and mysogeny is all to apparent in the labour supporter if you read what they post on some forums.

    • Not sure that talking about “labtards” love of money is entirely without irony on a blogpost about Mrs Dorries…

  2. Let’s face it, with her near-incoherent appearances on QT and somewhat hazy relationship with the truth, she doesn’t exactly do herself any favours, does she?

  3. What evidence do you have that justifies your associating me with the Labour party and Damian McBride? I’m guessing none. Ditto “personal sexual slurs”.

    If Dorries has such a strong case against these hate-mongers you speak of, why does she feel it necessary to lie about police investigations that never took place and events that never happened?

  4. Maybe your complaints of vitriol from others would have more substance if you didn’t insist on refering to those who disagree with you with a very witty pun on the word retard? Hardly conducive to reasoned debate is it?

    Anyway, I don’t hate Nadine Dorries. I disagree with her and am entitled to say so. I am very supportive of her right to hold her views and celebrate the diversity of British politics and the increasing number of women of all political inclinations. What I do dislike is political leaders – and though Ms Dorries is relatively junior in parliament, her presence in parliament makes her senior in the overall political spectrum – using half truths and obfuscation and, as was clearly the case yesterday, giving pre-prepared speeches that don’t address the question. My 17 year old with no interest in politics at all spotted that last one while we watched.

    And yes, I recognise that Labour politicians obfuscate, use half truths and offer pre-prepared speeches rather than addressing the question. To be fair, Ken Livingstone appeared to address the questions, even if I didn’t agree with him either.

    No, I am not a Labour member or voter. I just would like people on all sides to be more polite. That means I accept your point about how Ms Dorries is treated, without having to agree with her, and would also like you to stop using words like Labtard since that shows precisely the level of contempt that you are complaining about in others. Basically I would like people to disagree politely, please.

    • I could not agree with your more Nick, about being polite. There was a time when you could discuss politics and have a reasoned argument without hate.
      A previous comment says I should not be vitriolic by calling them Labtards, I have a word for these people and it rhymes with punt.

      I am totally fed up with the micro dicked fuckwits that make sexual slurs and demeaning comments to women becuase they feel attacks like that will hurt and degrade their target.

      There are several female bloggers and Tweeters that I know personally that have been very upset by the scope and sheer degrading nastiness of what has been said to them.

      Personally I dont give shit as to which blogger/tweeter I am currently allegedly having sexual relations with, it appears I am bisexual and also like sheep, goats and pigs, but I do care about nasty mean cowardly attacks on women from the left.

      • Not sure you’ve grasped what I mean about being polite, to be honest, but there you go. Free speech is a wonderful thing.

      • micro dicked fuckwits that make sexual slurs

        I’m working with spreadsheets today. Excel would call this a circular reference.

  5. Nope, she doesn’t frighten us one jot. Here in Mid Beds she angers us with her lies, distortions, approach to probity of financial management and her disgraceful attitude to her constituents.
    Don’t try and make out that she’s some sort of right wing powerhouse; she’s nothing more than a disgrace to teh House of Commons, The Conservative Party and Mid Bedfordshire.

  6. http://www.houseoftwits.co.uk/vote.html?voteId=72 House of Twits ran a vote, broken down by political party, it speaks volumes.

  7. The lest might be accused of being unfair to Palin, but I am not sure of Nadine. I only noticed this Nadine Dorries last night on question Time and concluded that she must be the worst of Britian.
    If right thinking people not just left wing people hate her incompetence it is justified based on what I saw last night.
    She was simply a disgrace to competent women like Magaret Thatcher who became MP and PM based on merit. She was an absolute disgrace to Britain.
    If you think you are more conservative than myself and you found her performance last night good, then you must be the biggest idiot in Britain!

  8. Sorry my typo again, I meant the left but wrote the lest

  9. This is one MP that makes mockeryt of meritocracy in Britain. I have wondered aloud whether she was just picked up from a drinking joint and headed straight to the Parliament!

    For the avoidance of any doubt, I am a conservative voter and a believer in gender equality. I would never say the same of the likes of Diane Abott who is plainly more competent than most of her male peers. I believe in merit not fake equality and political correctness!!

  10. what ever the rights or wrongs, it does seem that she gets people talking.
    Having not seen the QT in question I will not comment on it.

  11. Mike (England)

    i cant see a comparison, surely people hate Palin not for the fact that she is to the right but because she is completely insane and downright dangerous?

    i mean what kind of madman could ever support someone so clinically insane that they believe evolution is wrong and humans and dinosaurs existed at the same time?

    these creationists (and their intelligent design co-conspirators) should be thrown in prison not elected.

  12. James Reynolds

    “The first point this hate monger makes is “they both a have a womb and want to tell other people what to with theirs”, you can see where this is going.”

    Lol, yes I can see where its going – a completely valid criticism of their disgusting political stance on abortion combined with an also perfectly valid accusation of hypocrisy/stupidity on account of the fact that they both make a big deal of being women standing up for women.

    But no you’re right it’s childish hate-mongering, which is why I guess the post is riddled with boring, tedious uses of the phrase ‘conservatard’ in a bid to point out that conservatives are bad because they are like retarded people, who are also bad and funny to laugh at.


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