What Now For Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown appeals to Labours core vote at the General Election

This time last year Gordon Brown was everywhere, trying to force through a deal in Copenhagen to save the world from a non existent threat, leading Al Gore in to broom cupboards and busily screwing this country in to the ground in a scorched earth policy of spend, spend, spend and spend some more.

Then Gordon Brown loses the General Election as the voters showed their enthusiasm for another 5 years of bullying, bigotry and Nokia flinging, even losing the election could still not get the cursed one eyed son of the Manse out of Downing Street.

Then suddenly like a fart blown away by a sudden gust of wind, Gordon was gone, disappeared, dropped off the radar.

After months of relative inactivity, today marks Gordon Brown’s re-entry into the political spotlight.

His book, Beyond the Crash, is finally published. After a private event to thank his closest friends and colleagues, he will then attend a formal launch at the LSE, followed by a Q&A.

But the former PM could be set for an even more eye-catching return to the frontline.

eye-catching return to the frontline” Aardvark got excited briefly at thought of the cunt who ruined his pension scheme defusing IED’s, but then realised it was a different frontline.

Brown is cosying up to the French Socialists, not so they can all sing the Red Flag together, but because Brown has got his eye (sorry I just had to) on a top job at the IMF soon to be vacated by Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who is quitting to run for the French Presidency.

Strauss-Kahn is now expected to launch his campaign very early in the New Year, a move that would give him enough time to take on chief rival Segolene Royal.

Of course, Brown’s interest in all this Gallic intrigue is not merely that of a fraternal European socialist. Strauss-Kahn (known as DSK to his pals) happens to be the managing director of the IMF and will have to quit his post to run for the Elysee Palace.

There is no question that Brown would be tempted by any vacancy at the IMF, coming as it would with a global profile and a home in his beloved US. It would also give him the perfect excuse for finally qutting the Commons.

Now, it is true that any self-respecting Tory would die laughing at the thought of Brown as the man who would be called in to rescue economies struggling with deficits, debts and poor banking regulation. H/T Paul Waugh

The consequences of allowing Brown anywhere near global finances is just horrible to comtemplate, when the entire planet is bankrupt from profligate spending who will come and bale us out?

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