79% Of Tories Dont Want The Coalition To Continue Past Election

Dave and Little Nicky start a Vichy Government

Sir John Major said the Vichy Government should continue after the next election, Sir John is wrong, not just in Aardvark’s opinion but also in the opinion of 79% of those polled, just 16% want to continue down the Vichy government route.

The Lib Dems have a disproportiante influence on the government given their numbers; daily we are faced with the objectional little weasle Clegg, who has more faces than a 24 sided dice, the bumbling idiot and fallen saint Vince Cable who has correctly predicted 255 of the last 2 recessions and then there is Chris Huhne.

At some point in this parliament the Conservative Party will need to decide if it becomes a liberal or a mainstream centre right party.

The latest ConservativeHome poll of Tory members finds 79% of members wanting the Tories to govern on our own after the next election. Only 16% want to follow the John Major route. These are not unhappy, grumpy, anti-Cameron Tories. 75% approve of the Coalition today (20% do not). 87% approve of David Cameron’s performance (11% do not).

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  1. Obviously I detest this Government, but I do find it amazing to read just how vitriolic Conservatives are when dealing with their partners. Since when did Rush Limbaugh and Matt Drudge become leading philosophers for Conservatism?
    I don’t really care, as I would never vote for either party, but the terms used across the web do seem rather immoderate. Keep it up, you’ll frighten the floating voters our way.

  2. Not only do 79% of Tories not want this, it would be anti-democracy and terribly wrong to let it happen. We did not vote for Nick Clegg. He is abandoning policies that he used to get votes, his support has flatlined, but he still has huge influence over David Cameron and is making his views felt in ways i am totally opposed to. I am terrified he will eventually become Foreign Secretary. It just is not right to allow someone who was rejected by the electorate, and who is even more unpopular now, to have the influence that Nick Clegg is wielding.

  3. I’m probably more on the liberal side of the right wing style of thinking so am a bit more forgiving I think. Although I would really love a good solid working Tory majority I live in paralyzing fear that if the coalition fails labour will return to power and their Scorched Earth tactic will have worked a treat.

    As for whether the coalition should continue after the next election I will wait and see what happens. A dose of reality for the Lib Dems may do them good over time you never know! But no point if there is no need I say

    Will keep the Brochures for emigrating to Canada about though 😉

  4. It is unlikely that the coalition will continue after the election as there should be no need for it as the tories will win it outright.
    should they not field a candidate in places where the LD is a sitting MP then they will lose my vote altogether, as I will vote UKIP.

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