University Tuition Fees – The Facts

MP’s have now voted and by a majority of 21 the proposed tuition fees have been passed into law.

The whole business of tuition fees has been whipped by interested parties into another poll tax style campaign.

What are the real facts behind these tuition fees, for example the fees are paid by graduates and not students

The Coalition Government is reforming higher education funding to ensure universities have the money they need.

Following the advice of the independent funding review, set up by the last Labour Government, the upper limit on tuition fees is being raised to £9,000. Students will pay nothing up front, and will only start paying the money back once they’ve left university and are earning over £21,000 a year.

A lot of myths have been circulated about the plans. On this site, you’ll get the facts.

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  1. Glad it got voted through. Had a read last night and it really is rather good. Far better then like 99.9% of labours stupidity while they were in charge. Here’s a ray of hope for the students. 6 years after graduating with a 2:1 I’m still only on 19k and living quite comfortably!

    Maybe they should have taken to the streets when gordon and tony were pissing their futures up the wall!

    • Dead Right Big Dave. Brown and his shambles should never have thrown billions away ‘rescuing’ the wealthy bankers. They should have allowed the whole system to fall apart to restore the proper balance of society, with the working classes back in the gutter, where St Margaret wanted them. But that’s OK now because they’ll never crawl back from a position in which a teaching student would owe £36,000 in tuition fees alone after qualification – and even then they won’t get a job if they didn’t get a 2.2 or better. That’ll stop the lower classes getting into jobs in which they can influence young minds.

  2. Peter Reynolds

    I think it’s an excellent scheme but nothing can excuse the debasement of our democracy by the LibDem conmen.

  3. big dave, you are a cunt and need to have your balls cut off!!!!!!!!

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