COP16 Russia, Japan And Canada Kill The Scam

Chimneys billow smoke over St Petersburg, but isnt CO2 invisible

Latest news (10:55 GMT) from COP16 at Cancun, Russia will not renew Kyoto along with Japan and Canada.

Chris Huhne said yesterday the scam was poised between a “car crash” and success, well Chris it looks like the car and the wall have got together now.

As the global warming scam stiffens with rigor mortis Aardvark is left wondering why the alarmists always used pictures with smoke to illustrate CO2 emissions.

In a late-night plenary session, Russia’s climate change envoy, Alexander Berditsky, said his country opposed a renewal of Kyoto beyond its 2012 end date.

“Russia will not participate in the second commitment period of the Kyoto protocol,” he said in a prepared statement.

The announcement, delivered in what were supposed to be the final 24 hours of the summit, makes it even more unlikely negotiators will be able to produce a strong outcome at Cancún, environmental groups said.

After last year’s failure at Copenhagen, a weak result – or outright collapse – of talks at Cancún would damage the credibility of the entire UN negotiating process, the energy secretary Chris Huhne warned.

“Next year people will say, well, we’re not going to make any progress and we end up with a zombie conference where there won’t be anybody at a senior enough level to take any serious decisions at all.”

Negotiators were planning to meet through the night to try to resolve the difference. But Russia’s announcement further cements the divide between rich and poor countries over the future of the agreement following a statement from Japan at the start of the talks that it too would not sign an extension of Kyoto.

Japan reiterated its opposition on Thursday night, with negotiator Akira Yamada saying a renewal of Kyoto was “not an appropriate way or an effective way or a fair way to tackle climate change”.

Canada is also believed to oppose extending the Kyoto agreement.

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  1. At least three countries seem to be regaining their sanity

  2. Excellent news. Amazing how fast this crapulence has imploded once the Climategate emails revealed the truth about what many of us suspected.

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