Nick Clegg And The Lib Dems – The Fall Guys

Nick Clegg The Fall Guy

The news is bad for many faced Little Nicky Clegg, it seems that Dave has been using his Deputy PM as the fall guy for the Tuition Fees debacle.

An IPSOS Mori for Reuters makes very grim reading for Clegg and the Lib Dems, while the Tories and Labour are hardly affected.

Voting intentions in the poll are Conservative 38%, Labour 39% and the LibDems a miserable 11%

But it gets worse.

Asked to rate the party leaders’ capability, David Cameron scored 57%, Nick Clegg 32% and Ed Miliband 26%.

Dave will doubtless be over the moon at 57% and Aardvark must give a grudging hat tip to Dave for stitching up that odious little man Clegg.

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  1. Euroslime Dave is using the Limp Dumbs to cover a lot of his un-Tory activities, TA and that was obviously always the plan. He didn’t want a Tory majority at the GE, as his limp-wristed, Leftiness is now able to continue unabated with Clegg as the fall guy……. and as for bring that pig-headed, wrong-minded twat, Ken Clarke back into government…… I think we can already see that we’ve been slipped the big one……. right up the jacksy!

  2. Not sure where you get that 57% that Dave will doubtless be happy with. Shouldn’t that be 38% + 11% = 49%

    Can’t believe Labour are in the lead though. Just goes to show what a useless load of tossers we have in this coalition.

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